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There is a known broad consensus that the current lack of effective control and monitoring systems in the intake of staff in the public service sector has created a platform for distortion of the public service fund. Thereby creating a favorable conflict of interest with divided loyalty defaulting the code of conduct laws for the public service commission as stipulated in the Fifth Schedule, Part 1 of the 1999 Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria (as amended). These were set aside rules guiding public office holders to ensure the code of ethics is observed in the government’s financial regulations and memorandum.

It is however evident that some of these civil service misconducts such as divided loyalty have overtime positioned defaulters of the law into conflicting their personal interest without any form of unalloyed commitment shown towards their duties and responsibilities expected of them.

This is perceived to be an inimical act to the image of the public service as it is evidently seen by the appointment of Miss Akeju O.I, SA (Special Adviser) to the Director General of the National lottery regulatory commission, Mr Lanre Gbajabiamila and whose present positions in two different offices as against the law is seen as a threat to illegal disbursement of internal generated revenue from the commission as well as a stumbling block in carrying out proper advisory role to the Director General of the Commission. Sources claimed that Akeju is his lover procured to help in using her company to divert funds.

SecretReporters gathered that prior to her appointment, it was alleged that the SA owns and heads a well-known legal firm representing the Association of Bookmarkers; a firm supervising all sport-betting operators across the country. These offices occupied by the SA has unequivocally created divided loyalty as her civil duties remain questionable and could be likened more to Hyenas who are out for anything for themselves and not for the people.

This online medium learned that a proof of the SA’s treacherous traits was shown in the ban placed on the regulation of sport-betting companies by Lanre (DG) upon resumption to office in the month of September 2017. Unfortunately, this intentional act by the SA has allegedly robbed the government of millions of naira in revenue thereby contributing to the shambolic nature of the nation’s economy.

Furthermore, information gathered from our sources alleged that the SA’s monthly salary allowance of N450,000 is sourced from the internally generated revenue of the commission with her resumption to office on the 22nd of September 2017 earning her a prorated allowance of N135, 000 (One hundred and thirty- five thousand naira) for that particular month despite not being on the Commissions payroll. This again is against the law as appointees of DGs and Ministers are meant to be paid from their own salaries, since they are direct staff not government appointees. There are speculations from the staff of the commission that the SA acting in a double capacity could be an executive contract between her and the Director-General as a means to continuing his looting spree and embezzlement

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