Tuesday , November 29 2022


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In what could be termed a display of shame for a public office holder, the lawmaker representing Orhionmwon 11 constituency in the Edo state house of assembly whose wife was recently seen abusing officers and breaking the same laws which her husband swore an oath to protect and uphold has been asked to uphold the law or honorably resign.

According to eyewitness and officials present as at the time of the incident, the wife of the re-elected lawmaker who is currently the majority leader of Edo State House of Assembly, Roland Asoro was apprehended after violating the traffic law at the traffic lights located at 1st East Circular Junction on Sapele Road.

Showing no remorse for her offence after been apprehended by officials of the Edo State Traffic Management Agency, the legislators’ wife became rude, arrogant and poured insults on the officials just as she refused to follow them to their office as mandated by the state traffic laws.

SecretReporter gathered that the husband in the company of his colleagues also invaded the office of EDSTMA to deal with the officials after the insolent wife who pounced on one of the officials and inflicted bodily injuries on him immediately called her hubby to swing into action despite fully aware that she violated a traffic light sign.

Shockingly, it was also  revealed that the impounded vehicle in which she rode was marked with an official legislative number plate, which according to law she has no right to as she is not an elected government public officials.

The Edo State civil Society Organization in expressing their dissatisfaction subsequently issued a 48hours ultimatum to the Managing Director of EDSTMA to fine and prosecute the duo that broke the traffic law and assaulted the agency’s official, or get ready to be compelled by court to enforce the enabling law.

In a statement released and signed by its Public relations Officer, Leftist Osazee Edgin, the group further requested that the MD of EDSTMA publicly show the people of Edo State the receipt of payment for traffic violation by Roland Asoro or they shall resist further apprehension of Edo people who violates traffic rules by officials of EDSTMA.

“Roland Asoro- Resign with shame, the wife of a Lawmaker cannot become a lawbreaker”

The group reiterates that since citizens are being taken to EDSTMA offices helplessly and made to pay fines when they flout traffic laws and regulations, there is no reason for the wife of a lawmaker whose husband made same law to be allowed to disobey the law aided by her husband with impunity.

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