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While Nigerians are still wondering why President Muhammadu Buhari has not moved into the official residence, Aso Rock Villa; information reaching Secrets Reporters through our Aso Rock sources revealed that the ex army general is flushing out some life threatening equipments in the place.

We gathered that the Department of Secret Service (DSS), led by Mr Ita Ekpeyong hired an Israeli security company to plant bugs throughout the presidential villa to enable him and his cronies monitor all the activities of the first family and government decisions.
This spy objects for monitoring the President was carried out by one Widi Liman, who was a former personal assistant to the DG and now the President Administrative Officer at the villa, from where he can monitor his surveillance equipment and report back to his boss.

Buhari who gave a strict directive to the Army, Navy and the DSS to furnish him with the list of personnel who are in the services of the Presidential security to enable him screen the officers of the villa before they are posted never got it from the DSS while the rest complied.

Surprisingly on 10th June 2015, the DG posted 253 selected men to the presidential villa, without the knowledge of the president. They were however turned back to their various stations.

We present the full list of the SSS officials and their dangerous roles during the 2015 elections and their reward for such, as exclusively gotten by Secret Reporters.

MARILYN OGAR: Towards the end of 2014, with total impunity, Marilyn Ogar made several libelous statements on national television which are completely unbecoming of her position as the spokesperson of Nigeria’s internal security agency. On one occasion, without substantiating her allegation, she alleged that the APC was a terrorist organisation. On another occasion, she alleged that the APC had offered her “substantial” bribe but she declined to collect it. The same Ms. Ogar is however linked to several multi-million corruption scandals, which she has failed to refute. Even the ‪#‎BringbackOurGirls‬ campaign organisation was not safe from Marilyn Ogar’s treachery. Without substantiation her disparaging comments, she declared on national television that the organisation was infiltrated by terrorists.

ABDULGANIYU O. DAUDU: The Assistant Director Internal Security (ADIS), Abdulganiyu O. Daudu, in flagrant violation of his position as a national security officer, organised the production of a video campaign jingle designed to damage the good image of his Excellency just before the presidential election. This jingle was aired several weeks on many television networks supported by the GEJ administration. Without a legal warrant and any warning, on Saturday 22/11/2014, a team of armed mobile police and DSS officers invaded the APC Secretariat in Acme Road, Ikeja, Lagos. Computers and communication equipment worth millions were destroyed. Twenty eight staff working at the APC IT data centre were unlawfully arrested. This illegal operation was also masterminded by Mr. Daudu, according to the leaked DSS document sent to CUPS.

MARY OTUBU: On Tuesday 31/03/2015, while appearing live on national and global television broadcast, the former Minister of Niger Delta Affairs, Elder Godsday Orubebe disrupted the announcement of the Presidential election results. He falsely accused the INEC Chairman Professor Attahiru Jega as being “tribalistic, selective, and partial.” This embarrassing shenanigan would not have happened were it not for the fact that Ms. Mary Otubu, the DSS director at INEC, deliberately withdrew her protection officers for Jega on that day. She has since been posted as Director State Service Academy (SSA) in Lagos for her efforts.

FELIX IKUMAKPAYI: During the March 2015 general elections, DSS staffs were deployed throughout the 36 states of the federation including Abuja to help with rigging of the elections in favour of the PDP. Some officers obliged and a few others declined to participate. All of those who participated were handsomely rewarded by illegal promotions. Over 300 officers were promoted for their loyalty to the PDP. According to the leaked document, this illegal promotion exercise was supervised by the DSS Director of Finance and Administration, Mr. Felix Ikumakpayi. Mr Ikumakpayi has since been promoted to the position of Director of Economic Intelligence for his efforts.

ANGELA OLESENI: The DSS staff who cooperated in helping to rig the elections in favour of PDP were promoted to the rank of officers. Those officers who refused to participate in the illicit activities were transferred to less favourable locations across the country as punishment for non-compliance. The illicit promotion of over 100 staff, and the illicit transfer of officers who declined to cooperate was coordinated by Assistant Director Personnel Management, Angela Oleseni, who has since been promoted.

WASIU AGBAJE: Computer and telephone hacking is at the core of DSS illicit operations against innocent Nigerians both at home and in diaspora. Principal Staff Officer (PSO) in charge of Communications Intelligence (COMINT), Mr. Wasiu Agbaje, is tasked with the job of hacking into your Excellency’s mobile telephone communications. He configured the DG’s laptop to be able to hack into your Excellency’s mobile phones even if the DG is out of office. The DG could access the DSS network remotely using a secure link. This allows him to operate as though he is in the office. For his excellent hacking work, Mr Agbaje was promoted twice in 2010, and also got promoted after GEJ had lost the presidential election.

BEN NWAFOR: Since 2010 when the current DG assumed office, hundreds or even thousands of innocent Nigerians were executed through extra-judicial killings by the DSS. These illegal killings were coordinated by the Assistant Director in Charge of Special Threats and Tactics Team (STATT), Mr. Ben Nwafor.
PHILIPS MASTER: Under the guise of Counter Terrorism Investigation Department (CTID), the PSO Tactical, Mr. Philips Master, masterminded the extra-judicial execution of hundreds or even thousands of innocent Nigerian, including the Apo killings of Keke Napep operators in Abuja in September 2013. As a coverup, the DSS connived with the military to label the victims as members of Boko Haram. According to the leaked document, he too has been reward with promotions.

DOYIN ADETUBERU: Captain Sagir Kooli, an Intelligence Officer of the Nigerian Army serving at the 32 Artillery Brigade, Akure, leaked a video showing how the August 2014 governorship election in Ekiti was rigged by the PDP, with the help of police, DSS, and the Army. The shipment of rigged election materials from Abuja to Ekiti was coordinated by DSS officer Doyin Adetuberu. Prior to the presidential election, a significant false and damaging amount of documentary programs were produced and passed over to the AIT network for broadcasting. This was coordinated and deployed by Ms Adetuberu. Ms Adetuberu worked as a member of the deadly team used by the former governor of Ogun state, Benga Daniel before assuming his position as the PSO to Marlyn Ogar. This officer has since been promoted to the Presidency as the Security Officer for the Vice President, Professor Yemi Osinbajo.

WIDI LIMAN: Following the victory of your Excellency at the Presidential polls, the DSS recruited the services of an Israeli company to plant a comprehensive covert surveillance and spying infrastructure at the Villa with the intention of spying on your Excellency’s government. This treasonous job was coordinated by the former PA to the DG, Mr. Widi Liman, who is now your Excellency’s Administration Officer at the Villa.

TOSIN AJAYI: In order to perpetuate the Boko Haram scam, the DSS took some high profile Boko Haram members from their detention centre in Abuja to Balmo/Darazo forest in Bauchi state and created a new fictitious Boko Haram splinter group called “Ansarul Muslimina Fi Biladis Sudan.” The DSS provided them with money, arms, ammunition, and logistics support. This treasonous operation was coordinated by the former DSS director in Bauchi state, Tosin Ajayi. Following the defeat of GEJ, he has since been transferred to Enugu as the state director after spending over 5 years in Bauchi as director.

AHMED ABDULLAHI: The DSS has been instrumental in undermining the Nigerian military’s capacity to eliminate the Boko Haram insurgency. They connived with the military’s highest command to sabotage the ordinary soldiers and their commanders fighting Boko Haram. This callous act of treason was effectively achieved in Borno state where Ahmed Abdullahi has been the DSS director for over 5 years. Following the defeat of GEJ, he has since been transferred to Abuja as the Director of Security Enforcement (DSE). He is also promoted to the rank of substantive director.

ABAYOMI ZAMBA: Since the current DG assumed office in 2010, the DSS has been releasing bogus libelous information to the public domain that your Excellency has held meetings with Boko Haram leaders in Kaduna. This conspiracy to tarnish your Excellency’s image was carefully coordinated by the Kaduna state director, Mr. Abayomi Zamba. Mr. Zamba also played a significant role in undermining your Excellency’s chances of winning the 2011 presidential election, which resulted to riots and loss of human life in Kaduna state. After 5 years in Kaduna, Mr. Zamba was transferred to Niger state to cover his track, and was promoted as a substantive director.

LARRY OBIAGWU: One of the state directors closest to the DG is Mr. Larry Obiagwu. He was in charge of Niger state for over 5 years where he aided in the rigging of elections in favour of the PDP. Following the defeat of GEJ, he was promoted and got transferred to Kaduna to help undermine Governor Nasir El-Rufai. He was responsible for the abduction of a Nigerian investigative journalist, Fejiro Oliver on the orders of former governor of Niger State, Babangida Aliyu, for daring to expose his corrupt rots.

IBRAHIM KATSINA: During the 2011 presidential elections campaign, a wicked and criminal attempt was made to endanger your Excellency’s life in Kebbi by pouring tonnes of sand at the airstrip, which stopped your plane from landing. This dangerous clandestine operation was supervised by Mr. Ibrahim Katsina, who has been the director for Kebbi state for over 5 years. Following the defeat of GEJ, he was promoted and got transferred to Bauchi state.

BASSEY ETENG: On Friday the 28th November 2014, there were triple bomb blasts at the Kano Central Masjid, which targeted the Emir of Kano, HRH Muhammadu Sanusi II. More than 200 innocent people lost their lives in that carnage. According to the leaked document, the Kano state DSS director, Mr. Bassey Eteng, who served in the state for more than 5 years, was responsible for masterminding the carnage. To cover up for his heinous crimes, after GEJ lost the election, he was promoted to a substantive director and was transferred to Abuja as Director of Operations.

MARKSON OBEDE: His Excellency’s telephones have always been bugged by the DSS. This became escalated to include top APC officials across the country. In the meantime the DSS halted the telephone bugging of all Boko Haram suspects and kidnappers. Following the defeat of GEJ at the polls, the Assistant Director of Communications Intelligence (COMINT), Mr. Markson Obede, managed to secure the services of the Israeli Intelligence Agency (MOSSAD) to install additional bugging devices at the Villa to spy on your Excellency.

EKANONE: The DSS actively and openly participated in the rigging of elections in Ekiti, Anambra, Cross Rivers, and Osun states. These rigging operations were reinforced with the coordination of Ms Ekanone. She has been the director in Delta state for over 5 years, but was transferred to Akwa Ibom following the defeat of GEJ at the polls.

ADEBAYO E.: Many DSS officers were drafted from the South to assist the rigging of elections in Osun state. Some DSS officers were even instructed to shoot at the opposition APC members. Adebayo E. was the state director in Imo state who helped to coordinate the elections sabotage. Following the defeat of GEJ at the polls, he was promoted to substantive director and transferred to Delta state.

RAYMOND NKEMDIRIM: He was the Director of Operations at the DSS Headquarters in Abuja for over 5 years. He was the mastermind and coordinator of all the DSS intrigues. He was, and still remains the DG’s most trusted confidant and was the brain behind all of his policies and atrocities. He was supposed to retire in 2014, but the DG retained him so as to mobilise resources to help GEJ win the 2015 Presidential elections. Following the defeat of GEJ at the polls, he is still being retained as Special Assistant to the DG on contract basis. There is special directive made by the DG that all operational files should be passed to Mr. Nkemdirim.

GORDON OBUA: The Chief Security Officer to GEJ was Gordon Obua. He is one of those officers who believed that stealing is not corruption. During his tenure in office, he claimed two separate vouchers to pay DSS staff at the Presidency. During the last general elections, GEJ ordered the payment of N300 million to DSS personnel in line with what was paid to the military personnel. The ADC (military) paid his personnel their full dues, while the DSS were paid half their due by Mr Obua. When GEJ got a gist of this grandeur theft, he ordered the CSO to return the rest of the unpaid money. Gordon paid back only N70m and pocketed the rest. He hired a USA company to install sensitive equipment at the Villa at the cost of 12,968,427.83 Euros. He collected this sum from the NNPC. It is also alleged that he might have collected the same sum from the FCDA. He however never paid the USA contractor a single Euro. Thanks to his grandeur thieving ways, the CSO has since become a powerful businessman. He now owns Forte oil petrol station opposite the Transcorp Hotel in Abuja, which he bought for N1.5 billion. He also owns expensive estates around the country.

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  1. Kaka Alkali Imam

    God shall protect president and his team because they have good intentions for the Nigerian masses

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  3. This is really serious. May Allah (the exalted) guide and protect him, you and we at large.

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    Dirty deals all over the place,i wish PMB and PYO luck as they really mean well for this country.

  5. With all these, at long last ordinary Card Reader and Almajeri debated them all. Now if single one of those wicked DSS and cor go unpunished, I will never forgive Buhari. I now know who killed my uncle in Kano Central Mosque carnage attacked in the name of Boko Haram. (Bassey Eteng)Your name in bracket, the blood of my uncle will never allow you test even after your death. However, we shall pursue this case up to ICC until the culprits face the full wrath of law. “An eye, for eye and hand for hand… ”
    Dr Adam.

  6. With all these, at long last ordinary Card Reader and Almajeri debated them all. Now if single one of those wicked DSS and cor go unpunished, I will never forgive Buhari. I now know who killed my uncle in Kano Central Mosque carnage attacked in the name of Boko Haram. (Bassey Eteng)Your name in bracket, the blood of my uncle will never allow you rest even after your death. However, we shall pursue this case up to ICC until the culprits face the full wrath of law. “An eye, for eye and hand for hand… ”
    Dr Adam.

  7. Ajibabi Ayokunle

    Thank God PDP didn’t win the last election,this country was on a trip to hell!

  8. Comment: HMM NAIJA

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    Comment:May Allah Save Nigeria

  10. Dr. LinusAkor Akor

    I only hope that this post is not out to distract Nigeria and Nigerians from the task of collectively building a united and peaceful country at this critical bend in our national life.

  11. Good news contents

  12. this is a serious issue may Allah protect our President

  13. Comment:10 days for thief one day for the owner.

  14. Sani Lawal Natambu

    Wonders never ended , if that is so , President Muhammadu Buhari needs to make a total Overhauling of the entire Nation’s security agencies to install a new sense of Patriotism, honesty ,dedication and full loyality to the Nation not to certain individuals interest The National security of the Nation is our Primary concern , because it is what will make Peace and justice to prevail in the country.

  15. All these r acute treason! They should be punished accordingly.

  16. This is a very serious matter that must handle with all seriousness by Present MB.

  17. Thank God PDP lost d election, who knows what would had been d state of innocent Nigerians had it been they won, God You re wonderful.

  18. These are the people that swore that Nigeria must never move forward, thank God that they have failed woefully, Long-live the Federal Republic of Nigeria

  19. This story is mained to distroy the DSS and its staff knowing fully that DSS is a secret organisation and are saddle with its responsibilities. The writer himself is a criminal who the government he is revaeling this operations shuld watch out for. He most be dangerous since he can cum on paper to reveal names and locations of secret agents, it has neva hapan anywhere in d world. God help Nigeria.

    • My dear, there can’t be lasting peace without justice. I strongly support the idea that all those who have perpetrated these evil deeds against Nigeria and Nigerians should be brought to justice, to teach their ilk that evil does not pay.

  20. Comment: You guys should stop all this fake propanganda and concentrate in fixing the economy and ensuring buhari fulfils his campaign promises. if Bihari wants to he should retire the DSS or SSS leadership and appoint those he feels he can work with. APC should stop this unecessary propaganda and unite this country.

    • I feel rather disturbed by the expression of ignorance of some commentators, it simply show that some Nigerians cannot really differentiate between black or white either because of sycophancy or sympathy to a particular group or more so for their selfish motives. i am also very certain that some of these commentators do not even know why President Buhari delayed moving into the villa. i am truly sorry for some people in this country because their mindset can never be redeemed. Maybe these DSS personnel were also the Boko Haram that Former president GEJ said existed in Aso rock. Has anyone investigated to know if this website is another Radio Kudirat that relayed only propaganda against the government of late Gen S Abacha? However, Dr. Akor and mr. Peter (if however these names exist) hold the views of right thinking people but for other you shall be fooled for long with all manners of deceit because you are ever blind to the truth.

  21. Only God can be sure of the exact situations

  22. This is a disturbing revelation if it’s true. Steps should be taken to authenticate the same thing. Their activities could be damaging at any given time. If found true, overhauling is not only remedies needed, but severe punishment for the perpetrators of such henious crime. All Nigerians needs to be security conscious.

  23. Ayodele Agbaje

    These people had nearly ruined this country as power drunkards. We thank Allah for letting their cats out of bags. They should be tried accordingly to serve as lessons to others.

  24. I am so surprise that some ppl are calling this stories fake when everything that has been said on this report happens during GEJ we saw thwm life.

  25. Sani Lawal Natambu

    @Idris, all those who are disrupting the above story either they are accessories to it or their godfathers are party to it.

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    God save us from all this devilish people who pretend to love this country and give pmb good health and long life.

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