Wednesday , November 29 2023


One of the many indications that show Saraki’s time is up is the news of his recent move to beg president Buhari for soft landing. Is it not funny?

What will Sen. Aliero, Senator Bamako, Senator Sani Yerima, Senator Danjuma Goje do to help you at this crucial time?. They cannot help you because they don’t know the gravity of your impunity against Kwara and kwarans, did you tell them how much you used to renovate Kwara library? Were they informed of the amount Post Office Bridge cost your government?

The leader has played all his cards and nothing seems to be working. He played ethnicity cards, he failed, he played religious cards, he failed, he buried a whole elephant, he no work, a lot of black and white cows have been slaughtered to appease gods but the gods are angry, people are being sent to HUMRA but ALLAH is not hypocrite like we men, in fact, Allah has spoken through Alfa Makama of Ilorin but behold ARABAMBI will not listen.

When you alleged Presidency and Tinubu of witch hunting and persecuting you and you still went ahead, set up a new committee in the NASS to look into plea bargain to give you soft landing by begging the same people you tagged your persecutors, it seems Senator ARABAMBI needs blood tonic fah,……. Senate ARABAMBI, a se on tie le?

I just laugh when ignorant supporters keep giving themselves illicit hopes, they seem to be ignorant of the heat that is consuming their leader, the leader is aware that dooms day is here, he is only pretending to look as if all is well.

When I saw him reading paper inside his Jeep the other time,, I nearly offered him 3crowns milk because I felt he is too lean, do you think he is fasting or what?

We have told you several times this is not persecution, this is your dirty past haunting you and you must allow the law to take its full course, stop wasting meat by killing innocent elephant and black cows, those things can’t work in your case anymore.

The only problem with Senator ARABAMBI is that he didn’t know the right people to beg.

Buhari can even free you from CCT but what about Kwara people that you robbed?

What about the God that is angry, what about the post office bridge that was used to steal money without mercy?
I have told you, that you must beg, call everybody in Kwara to post office, we will come, climb the bridge and prostrate flat and ask for forgiveness, which is the only panacea to your problem.


Olusegun Olusola

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  1. Saraki why are u dragging is issues so long even if u are free here in this world don’t u know there is big questions for u here after what about cases of banks distress? Others that u grab their fund they cries to lord and God is now answering their pleads. Pls resign and fell free……..

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