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Niger State Governor Mohammed Bago Pretends To Be Blind As Government Primary School In Niger State Operates With Only Three Teachers

Niger State Governor Mohammed Bago Pretends To Be Blind As Government Primary School In Niger State Operates With Only Three Teachers

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In an alarming revelation that has further exposed the deteriorating state of the Nigerian educational sector and threatens the very foundation of quality education for future generations, it has come to light that Akare Primary School, Niger State, a beacon of hope for young minds, is teetering on the brink of educational collapse with a skeleton staff of only three teachers.

The school, nestled in the heart of Wushishi local government area of Niger State, has long been recognized for its commitment to nurturing young minds and fostering an environment where children can flourish. However, the institution is now grappling with an impending disaster, as it struggles with the consequences of having only three dedicated teachers to cater to the educational needs of over 50 pupils.

A source who visited the school disclosed the development to SecretsReporters. The source lamented the shortage of teachers in the school and called on the ministry of education to urgently deploy teachers to the school.

(Picture showing the school)

The dire circumstances that have befallen this school have left pupils, parents, and teachers in a state of shock and desperation. This has been a gradual descent into chaos as the school struggled with budget cuts and an exodus of staff, resulting in three teachers handling six classes.

According to the source, parents, who had once entrusted Akare Primary School with the responsibility of nurturing their children’s educational growth, are now left questioning the very institution they held in high regard. “This is an absolute travesty,” exclaimed one parent, whose child is enrolled in the school. “How can our children receive the education they deserve when the school is so understaffed? It’s a recipe for disaster,” a parent told our source.

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The source stated that the three remaining teachers at Akare Primary School are dedicated individuals, but they are undeniably overwhelmed by the sheer magnitude of their responsibilities. He added that they are facing insurmountable odds as they attempt to maintain the quality of education under such dire conditions.

(Picture showing the school)

The source lamented that pupils are not receiving the individualized attention they need to excel academically, extracurricular activities have been slashed, and the school’s once-thriving community spirit is dwindling. Furthermore, teachers are facing burnout at an alarming rate as they bear the brunt of a workload designed for a much larger staff.

Recall that the alarming shortfall of qualified teachers in public primary and secondary schools across the country was highlighted recently by the Nigerian Union of Teachers, which also bemoaned the failure of state governments to correct the anomaly.

The NUT National President, Titus Amba, lamented that teachers leaving the service in many states were not being replaced, while the quality of teaching was fast declining. He sued for urgent and creative action by the state governments to lay a solid foundation for national development by giving priority to the education system.

Efforts to reach the headmaster of the school proved abortive for more than one week as his phone number was constantly switched off when our correspondent tried to reach him.

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