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Impunity, thuggery and wasteful spending are the usual characteristics exhibited by those who are not in any way fit to be in power and as a matter of fact, should not even be close to the corridors of power because of their insatiable desire and dangerous tendencies to live lavished extravagant lives powered by taxpayers’ monies.

Tony Okowa who is the Chairman of the State`s Sports Commission and the brother to the governor of Delta State Ifeanyi Okowa, has transformed into an emperor who moves about with countless number of security operatives and bouncers as though in preparation for a war or in expectation of a sudden attack from unknown enemies.

SecretReporters gathered that Mr Tony who is supposed to be concerned about winning medals for his state was sported around the Swimming Pool section of the Abuja Stadium package B during the National Sports festival with over fifteen (15) fierce looking bodyguards besides security operatives to the awe of other sport officials who came from other states for the event as though it was an event for the show of power and affluence for sports commission chairmen.

We also learnt that upon arrival, the spurious Tony Okowa turned the event into a shadow of himself as he was all about showing off his wealth gotten from the plundering of his state`s resources. More reports revealed that the overzealous bodyguards and security operatives in carrying out the biddings of their master began intimidating and threatening to beat up other state officials as well as journalists who dare to ask questions that displeased him.

Earlier in the year, SecretReporters learnt that the power-drunk egocentric looter while attending the youth games which held in Kwara State, arrived the event with at least 20 bodyguards who acted as his bouncers all through the event raising speculations that the sport`s commission chairman turned emperor must be a trans-generational looter of funds meant for the development of sporting facilities in the state in order to afford this kind of lavished lifestyle as even the governor of the state does not live in such affluence.

It will be recalled following the alleged looting spree of Tony Okowa, that the Asset Management Commission of Nigeria (AMCON) seized his mansion in Asaba and charged him to court for alleged embezzlement of public funds amongst other charges as it is alleged that his abandoned mansion was renovated with stolen state`s funds.

He once slapped the Delta State Secretary to the State Governor, Mr Festus Agas, for not treating his file on time.

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