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Fejiro Oliver

Heroism on command, senseless violence, and all the loathsome nonsense that goes by the name of patriotism – how passionately I hate them!
Albert Einstein

Anyone who tells you that the June 12 1993 election was as tough and heated as the 2015 election is only deceiving him or herself and trying to massage the ego of having the privilege to witness Nigeria toughest election in 1993 which you never had. Lies, lies and lies they only spew, for no election has ever carried the razzmatazz 2015 own carried and none arguably may be for the next fifty years.

Whoever tells you that they have witnessed a hotter campaign than this should please go back to the days of Homo Erectus. Not with the advent of social media where everyone took their destinies in their hands. Yes, we have witnessed crazy hate campaigns but they are all part of electioneering process and the growing stage of our democracy which we will outgrow soon as it deepens. Welcome to the election that your death matters to prove patriotism. 

For the first time in history, we see a sitting President in Goodluck Jonathan and his Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) playing the opposition, while the real opposition in All Progressive Congress (APC) strutted the political stage like the ruling party. Unlike in 1993 where both Abiola and Tofa were new to the Presidential race and none was contesting against a sitting leader, this year’s own will forever have a pride of place in history as the year when Nigerians decided to truly have a say in who governs them, even though it would still be rigged, but the clear message has been passed that never again will anyone take us for a ride. NEVER!

As Nigerians go to poll on March 28th 2015, we cannot afford to fail our nation hence we have to take it as a duty to die so that either General Muhammadu Buhari (GMB) or Goodluck Ebele Jonathan (I won’t add Dr since I’m not sure of his PhD anymore until proven otherwise) is elected as our next president.

Nigerians, most of you are living lives that have no meaning, so the country makes you believe. After all, you have been jobless and roaming for years on the streets since the days of Buhari first coming and Goodluck has not helped with the spirit of the dead Immigration applicanst still haunting him. The best you can do for our fatherland is to join the thug business to defend both GMB and GEJ during the election. Carry daggers and dangerous weapons to fight each other as you shout ‘Sai Buhari or Sai Jonathan’ and fight yourself in defense of them.

That is not all Nigerians. Your parents do not care whether you live for them. After all, since you were employed at Grade Level 08 step 4, your salary has never done anything good for them. How will it, since you can’t cope with the daily increase in livelihood, with the cost of food items and house rent. And to make life hard for you, the cost of Premium Motor Spirit was skyrocketed without your knowledge and even when the price fell in the global market; it didn’t have effect in Nigeria. One of the aspirants has promised to stabilize the fuel price in the world and even make dollar equal to Naira. The best you can do for them in this election is to put your life on the line and die for the one who promised to make one Naira become one Dollar. Or don’t you know that he is going to be the world most powerful President and chief economist of the world to determine how the world currency should be?

The victory of Jonathan and Buhari is worth your blood. Are you not aware that when one of them lost the election in 2011, the country was thrown into bloody crisis with hundreds of people dying? Let us assume that your memories have failed you. Have you also forgotten that one of the aspirants since his leadership has supervised the killing of Nigerians through bombing and bothering by boko haram and kept quiet only for him to summon courage just six weeks to election to deal with the terrorists? What could be worse than what both of them sent young Nigerians to their graves for their political ambition. Your blood naturally should be the next.

So when any of them lose, go into the street with placards and begin to shout ‘we no go gree o, we no go gree’ and while those blood thirst security officers shoot at you, don’t run from the bullets but run into it. That way you show your patriotism to our country that you can die for it abi na her.

You have staked your integrity and credibility campaigning for them on the streets and social media, with some of us even having our lines bugged by the powers that be, so we can be traced, arrested and jailed. For those who have done this, you can go further by being fanatical in your support. 

Disagree with whoever do not agree with your choice of a President and when the argument get heated especially at the polling center; common start a fight and prove to the world that the injuries you will sustain is due to your diehard support for one of them. Have yourself snapped or take a selfie with blood gushing out of your broken head or bruised body and post instantly on Facebook saying “Fighting things for GEJ/GMB to prove loyalty. Aso rock on the way”. When you are done with that, tag those who have links to any of the duo and be sure that you will be remembered when they get into power on May 29th.

You love Nigeria so much, but love GMB/GEJ more than her. Why will you be gentle and vote without causing crisis when you have not crossed the borders of Nigeria? You need to stand at the battlefront waiting for their kids who they have flown out to school abroad. Their kids are too sophisticated to come and stand the heat of the sun and be beaten by overzealous security officers who will whip you to stand on the line while voting for their fathers. It is all part of dying for GEJ/GMB to see to a fruitful election.

But folks, while you do all this, kindly go to the nearest coffin seller and buy your size for keep. As you die for either of them on Saturday. I will be glad to write this as an epitaph to you; ‘Here lies the body of one of Nigeria most useless youths who rather than vote without engaging in violence for their choice of candidate chose to die for him. May the body rest in pieces’.

These little things matter…

Fejiro Oliver, Managing Editor of Daily Voice NG, Editorial Board Chairman of Secrets Reporters News, Media Consultant and Co-Convener, Coalition of Human Rights Defenders (COHRD)can be reached on +2348022050733, +2348160067613 (SMS ONLY) or Engage him on twitter on @fejirooliver86

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