It is with great sense of urgency and desire to inform members about the current threat to our profession and careers that I write this piece. This is long overdue. We must pretend to be ignorant or seat idle and be parochial.

I would like ARD members to begin to sensitize themselves of the grand plan of JOHESU to create a new department of medical laboratory sciences independent of the laboratory physicians and this is being supported by our UCH management led by the CMD.
For the avoidance of doubt, there a is grand plan to misinform the public and stir up confusion by making everyone to believe the labs belong to the medical lab technologist contrary to the international best practices.
In every country where their labs work (without fake ridiculous results) and the healthcare is well structured, the labs are made of the lab physicians, lab technologists, lab technicians and others such as clerks etc The chain of commands is spelt out and all results are vetted and interpreted and signed out by the lab physicians unlike in UCH PPP lab.
But in Nigeria, JOHESU and NUAHP led by Faniran and Akintayo(of PSN) wants to turn ,twist, destroy and destabilize the health system and the role of the doctor. It is burning at the national level and gradually crippling into UCH. Consultant nurse started in UCH!!! They want to start another one wide fire that will spread to other teaching hospitals!!
If the lab scientist succeed ; the next will be radiographers against radiologists and optometrist against ophthalmologists and midwives against obstetricians.
Dear colleagues, it is time for us to wake up and get involved and support our colleagues the lab physicians and speak out against these injustices against doctors such as appointment of directorship without job description, and disobedience to constituted authorities e.g HODs in haematology, chemical pathology etc. They lied when the said the director will be answerable to the HODs and the FG granted them only for them to be insubordinating themselves to the HODs and UCH Mgt is not calling them to other or sanctioning them.
We must be aware of these issues: where skipping letters are being issued and in some cases monies paid to non-doctors while doctors are excluded despite the Federal Government agreement with NMA in January 2014 that we will skip COMESS 2(equivalent COHESS 10) to COMESS 3 at Registrar 1.
Lets rise and begin to fortify ourselves and work together for the preservation and upliftment of the dignity in our career and training. Lets wake up and stop sleeping for all non-doctors in the healthcare sector are skimming at local,regional and national levels to frustrate,reduce and destroy our profession. Beware of your friend,spouse, parents or neighbors who are non-doctors. They will steal information from you like your payslip and use it against your profession and you.
Are we going to continue to sit idle and allow a few misguided and narrow-minded CMDs destroy our career ? Are we going to continue to pretend to be ignorant and the lab scientist, nurses, physiotherapists,pharmacists, medical records clerk, dieticians, health assistants, service managers, social workers etc take over our jobs,earn more than us,bribe Abuja politicians against us, frustrate the National Health Bill,lobby against us at all levels etc
WAKE UP and THINK !! The battle is drawn between the NMA/NARD and JOHESU/NUAHP. No middle grounds. We must equip ourselves with materials, documents, facts, law, lobby and use all means to protect our profession. Enough is enough!! They owe doctors and pay us middle of next month but will pay others on time via IPPIS!!
They send them for courses and trainings and will not pay us our exam and update course refund as at when due till 2years after?
This is a political year and we must be wary FG might grant them their request to gain political advantage. NMA ,MDCAN and NARD beware!!!
I beckon on everyone to be alert and gather useful materials we will need to succeed. The doctors are now the sacrificial lambs in the health-sector!! Not until the Federal Govt wakes up and in turn hospital management and boards and call every one to the negotiating table and allow both law and fact and international best practice to prevail we may never see the end of these threats and counter threats from all quarters and incessant strikes and disruptions in our residency trainings.
We must come together to fight for our welfare and career, otherwise we will wake up one day and realise our job has been casualized ( like Fashola did in Lagos) and asked to be pushing trolleys as part of our job description. And owe months in salaries. They may take over most accommodation in UCH and send residents who need it and at the fore-front of health care

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  1. Wht is the job description of the so call lab physicians? Whts their training like? Im aware of pathologistand i belief, the international best practice is , these professionals are expected to study disease patterns and look for treatment/s for the diseases they study. Not sit in a public laboratory as administrators. The private labs are run by who? And these same labs are partronisedby ard members as alternatives to d well staffed public ones. If anybody shld be accused of surffocating the others, it is the doctors, who now run awaynfrom the act of doctoring to nose pokinginto other pro job!

  2. I think this video is educative enough. Its possible to be doing a wrong thing for 30 years and you dont know its wrong.Hear what Prof Graham Jones has to say………..

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