Monday , November 21 2022

How Gov. Aliyu Rattled PDP Guber Screening Committee with N500Mn to Get Clearance for His Anointed Aspirant, Umar Nasko

Zainab Jacob

The National working committee of the Peoples Democratic Party – PDP, may soon unraveled to the whole world why the Chairperson of the committee, A minister for state (Names Withheld) and the daughter of a famous Nigerian legal icon decided to clear Umar Nasko despite the brief on same from intelligence community and various press revelations.

A dependable source close to the screening committee revealed that the screening committee had earlier decided to refer the controversial candidature of Umar Nasko to the PDP National working committee, but a serving commissioner who has been the stooge and dirty-gamer of Governor Aliyu quickly put an alert to the governor’s notice about this critical decision of the committee.

Prompt to that, Governor Aliyu put a phone call to the Chairperson of the Committee to allow his anointed candidate be cleared with a promise of an alleged 500 million to her and the committee members.

The Chairperson agrees but waited to get grab of the cash and as soon as the Commissioner and Deputy Governor to be, allegedly brought in the money, the decision of the committee to refer Umar Nasko’s case to the National Working committee was thrown out and he was cleared. Leaving the Chairperson and her members allegedly smiling homes with share of the booty.

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