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Shortly after the social media space was shaken with Money laundering and Bank fraud allegations against the CEO and AirPeace founder, Mr Ifechukwu Onyema, more evidence is beginning to emerge as to how he used the money to fund his airline business and also used millions from same to fuel and maintain his elite lifestyle.

According to the 36-page criminal indictment with No. 1:19-CR-464 filed on November 19, 2019 at the United State District Court Northern District of Georgia, Atlanta Division, the grand jury following a thorough investigation reported that in April 2, 2010, an account with number ***8086 was opened in the name of Allen I. Onyema at the Bank of America (BOA) Atlanta, Georgia.

The account which had him as a sole signatory and his wife added as a joint member in August 2011, made transfers of Hundreds of Thousands of dollars from accounts of Non-governmental Organizations which include Foundation for Ethnic Harmony(FEH), International Center for Non-Violence and Peace Development, All-Time Peace Media Communications Limited and Every Child Limited (ECL).

With proceeds from the aforementioned NGOs which he founded, Onyema purchased an armored Lexus LX570 worth $204millon using in parts, money from the BOA **8086 account.

In the same vein, on March 1,2016, Onyema created a checking account with numbers ending in 3417(WF 3417) and a savings account ending in 8020 (WF 8020) at Wells Fargo Bank in the same state as he proceeded to purchase a Rolls Royce at a whooping sum of $180,000 and a Mercedes for $88,000 amongst others cars in the same month.

Between March 2, 2016, and May 10, 2016, the Wells Fargo account we learned received numerous wire transfers totalling hundreds of thousands of dollars from his bank account domiciled in Nigeria, especially from two major accounts; All-Time Peace Media Communication Limited and Foundation for Ethnic Harmony.

Subsequently, Onyema made numerous cash withdrawals in huge sums from the same account which he lavished on personal expenses like purchases at designer outlets like Prada, Neiman Marcus, Macy’s, Louis Vuitton, and Apple stores to march his classy fleet of cars.

As the 27-count charge levied on the prominent businessman continues to make the wave, it is pertinent to note that the indictment only contains charges in which Onyema is presumed innocent of the charges until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt at trial before the US district court.

Calls and SMS sent to the Airpeace CEO to get his reaction proved abortive as at Press time.

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