Secret Reporters

Additional report by Bamidele Ademola-Olateju

It is better for a herd of sheep to be headed by a lion than for a group of lions to be headed by a sheep. A leader is always made of steel, to blend the qualities of firmness and rigidness. And when a leader is blind and insensitive to matters arising under his nose, he tends to lead his people blindly.

The Presidency of Nigeria has not been accountable and credible to Nigerians. Credible sources from the presidency told Secret Reporters about Buhari’s appointment of Mohammed Dauda as DG of the NIA. This is beginning to create frictions in the Presidency between Baba Gana Kinigbe and Abba Kyari with his cohorts.

Another intriguing issue is the $250m belonging to the NIA. It was revealed to Secret Reporters that Abba Kyari wants to restrict Dauda from operations. Coupled with this he appointed a committee to teleguide him. This development raised dusts, thereby leading to questions about the true story of the Ikoyi money.

From this, it is obvious that the toughness which the President claims to have is nothing but a veneer disguising his true self. A close source to the President confirmed to Secret Reporters that the President is cottony in nature, and docile to the point of being easily manipulated. Buhari has failed woefully to act on those destroying the Presidency from within. This is ironical because the President Nigerians voted has betrayed the voters trust and shattered the goodwill of his party.

Another contending issue is the failing of the final promotion examination twice by Buhari’s State Chief of Protocol, Lawal Kazaure. It was alleged that prior to the commencement of the last promotion examinations, a letter came from the office of Abba Kyari ordering the halting of the examination. This happened after the arrival of all the candidates for the examinations.

Highly reliable sources in the Presidency told Secret Reporters that the acting Director General in Charge, Arab Yadam took the letter to Buhari, imploring him to make the examination hold as much effort and planning had been put into it. As an urge, he told Buhari that the competence and level of preparedness of officers cannot be determined if they are not made to face the examination. In reply to this, Buhari said that he issued no such orders and told the DG to go run his service.

These are just drops amongst the oceans of damages being wrought on institutions and systems by Abba Kyari.

It is interesting to know that the National Security Adviser, Moguno, is kept in the dark about everything.

The scramble for power in the presidency is ridiculous and shitty.  Someday, it will be said in history that Abba Kyari was the most destructive and cankerous Chief of Staff in Nigeria’s history. Contrastingly, it can be authoritatively said by Secret Reporters that men like Lawal Kazaure are rookies when it comes to this.

The whole Presidency is filled with bias, tribalism, partisan politics, nepotism, cronyism, godfathering and mediocrity. It is saddening that they determine the direction Nigeria is headed to. And with this, Nigeria is headed to doom and straight rock bottom- an abyss of failure.


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  1. The more reason Nigerians should not allow this government to return come 2019.It horrible the things that men who are saddled with onerous responsibility of guarding and guiding the nation do,They are totally lacking in any trait of leadership,while accusing and punishing others.Its really a pity.

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