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A finding by Secrets Reporters is that five years after graduation, the Dean of the Faculty of Pharmacy in Delta State University, Abraka, Mr Anthony Onyekweli has refused to conduct induction for graduates from the faculty.
Eight months after, these graduates continue to sit at home without any hope of been inducted into the Pharmaceutical Society of Nigeria (PSN).

This induction which is supposed to be organized by the lazy Dean is far from being held.

Sources within the faculty said, “graduates from the faculty of medicine who graduated last month will be inducted in September next month while those from Pharmacy continue to wait at home over a year or two.”

Further information obtained by Secrets Reporters shows that if a graduate is not inducted, such a person cannot go for internship which one must be licensed in the profession before any further step is taken towards the realization of a fruitful career.

Several letters to the Vice chancellor (VC) of DELSU for these graduates to be inducted has been ignored. Calls by parents to him have fell on deaf ears. The dean who is known to be clever is also very unfriendly with autocratic style of leadership. We gathered that his reason for not conducting induction is due to the letter written to the VC by the students, which angered him. This has made him sworn by his gods to induct them whenever he’s ready.

Call placed to Mr Onyekweli was not successfully answered as he became jittery when our reporter called him and introduced himself as a journalist with Secrets Reporters. As soon as he was told about the story and clarification sought, he began to bark repeatedly “I’m in a meeting”.

He never called back as at the time of going to press.

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One comment

  1. Edeaghe Izilien

    This is a vile and vindictive report which sought to taint the image of the Dean at the time, Prof. A.O. Onyekweli. I speak as someone who knew what was going on at the time and the constraints he encountered from the University administration as well as from the relevant Pharmaceutical bodies.

    Prof. A.O. Onyekweli took over as dean with the reported issue in a rather deplorable state and sought intensely to ensure the graduates were inducted swiftly. This whole process was rather intense and deeply passionate that unfortunately triggered several health issues for him at the time. To use words such as wicked, arrogant, and barking in reference to him, is extremely distasteful and unprofessional.

    I will also highlight that Prof. Onyekweli will not have received awards and much recognition from PSN (local and national) and from foreign Pharmacy institutions for his tireless efforts over decades and especially in DELSU, if he was complacent. I am very confident in these words “Prof. A.O Onyekweli, built Faculty of Pharmacy at Delta State University (DELSU)”. He’s also gone on to get several invitations from other universities to help build/upgrade their pharmacy faculties.

    Make no mistake, i empathize with the graduates that were affected but the very graduates will attest to the fact that Prof. A.O. Onyekweli was brought from University of Benin (UNIBEN) to help salvage the situation because of his dedication to academic success and the Pharmaceutical body at large. He is a man who has contributed to UNIBEN, DELSU, academia, PSN in more ways than can be described.

    It’s also interesting that there is no report about the induction ceremony and success stories/events port-induction for the graduates.

    Prof. Onyekweli doesn’t deserve to be reported as such as i really think journalism should not be judgmental but report professionally without using words to defame individuals.

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