Monday , December 4 2023


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Confirmed reports and our investigation proves that, the Buhari’s administration has abandoned the ex militants who are currently on amnesty program undergoing different course of study in
different countries.

One of the ex militants is reported to have died due to starvation of no food, and no medical care.
The books allowance which was paid to them in the Jonathan’s administration has not been ;paid till date, since Goodluck Jonathan left office.

Ex militants in foreign land under the government’s amnesty program are currently in
USA, UK, Malaysia, South Africa, Philippines, Germany, Belarus, Jordan, Russian, and Ukraine.

Last week in the United Kingdom, there was a protest which was staged by the ex militants to agitate for the payment of their allowances.

Another round of protest took place on Thursday in South Africa, as students continues to protest for their allowances.

One of the ex militants who is reported to have died due to the government’s abandonment, is still in the morgue, as there is no hope in sight for his burial.

Mr Eugene Abels has been alleged to have diverted funds meant for the payment of the ex militants which he has been making illegal deductions from their take home allowances.

The new Special Adviser to the president on amnesty, Mr. Boroh Tarela has not visited nor work towards the payment of these allowances.

Until his death, he was the secretary of Nigeria community in Belarus, before he died.

Efforts made to speak with the SA on Amnesty to the President, to get his comment were not successful as at the time of filing this report.

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  1. Your efforts to reach the SA, must have been grossly inadequate. He would have gladly responded to your story with much concern. The SA is a gentleman to the very core and takes issues relating to the amnesty beneficiaries with utmost seriousness unlike the thieving jesters of the past. Endeavor to exhaust all available avenues of communication before you rush to press.

  2. Does the so called gentleman SA even know those who are in the programme or has he even made any step to make sure that this traininees are well trained. The SA you claim to be a gentle man, does he even no this schools that the beneficiaries are . His a joke of an SA and a slap to the people of Niger Delta. Niger Delta failure to succeed as a nation, is a result of the failure of people with no vision and lack of understanding for the future. This student are suffering and some of them do work in the bathroom of cities just to feed. When i mean work in the bathrooms of club, am talking about sparing perfume to toilet users in other to get money to eat because of their neglect of payment. some even watch dead bodies just to have money to eat. student are meant to be in school, concentrate on their books and also eat well to be able to use the library. What is wrong with the Ijaw people that is in charge of this programme, what happened to this beneficiaries book money and why will the so called Niger Delta fighters loose track of check and balance also the people in-charge of this programme to know about thee student well being, why.

    • @James, your comment would have been most welcome when Kingsley kuku and co were stealing the amnesty programme to the dry bones. Do you now blame the current SA who has been in office for just 3 months for all the sufferings of our brothers? Let’s call a spade what it is. My take is that extra effort should have been made to contact the SA to bring this to his knowledge, he is not the kind of person to shirk his responsibilities neither is he there to line his pockets like the thieving rogues of past, mind you he never lobbied for the position. Give the man a chance for God’s sake, let him put the whole sordid mess he inherited in order, such that other brothers may never suffer the unfortunate tragedy reported here again.

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