Prince Nonso Nwoko


Prince Nonso Nwoko summoned an izu ani which he wasn’t empowered to do because he is not the Obi as confirmed by the Governor of Delta State his Excellency Senator Dr Patrick Ifeanyi Okowa . It’s only the chiefs that can convene an izu ani. When Obi Ogbogidi Albert Nwoko III was alive and capable, Prince Martins Nwoko could have acted. But now that the Obi has passed on, Prince Martins Nwoko has no right to call an izu ani except for family meetings. Any attempt to get Prince Martins Nwoko or Prince Nonso Nwoko to summon an izu ani is an abuse on the citizens of Idumuje-Ugboko and a sacrilege of the highest order.

The only people that can call for an izu ani meeting are the council of chiefs with Iyase as the head. It is wrong and illegal for them not to only pretend that they can call such a meeting but also unpardonable to exclude the chiefs who were not supporting Prince Nonso Nwoko. Despite the fact that they weren’t invited for the meeting, they wanted to attend the meeting but were prevented and harassed by the thugs and cultists kept in the palace by Prince Nonso Nwoko.

Unknown to many, Dennis uwadiegwu Nwoko who is a well known 419 member of the family has been building up an arsenal of weapons and fire arms. Firstly they formed a paramilitary group tagged with the name Anioma Security, numbering up to 40 men armed with guns and uniforms.

Then using the Idumuje-Ugboko Development Union (IUDU) platform in the person of Okey Ifejokwu, they organized a surrogate village group known as Nonso Youth Group headed by Raymond Felix Omesiete who is using with the following UBA account details RAYMOND ALEX OMESIETE 2036978432 to raise funds for terrorist groups. It is through, Raymond Felix Omesiete that the fire-arms, bulletproof vests and ammunitions are being bought.
They also have also consulted 3 permanent native doctors from Irua to fortify them for war. These men have been terrorizing Ugboko. Gladys Kogwuonye’s properties have been destroyed, likewise Kennett Okoh, Achuzia, Bukana ( IUDU home president). The Iyase, Kennedy Illoh and Peter Bamah the vigilante leader were kidnapped. Not only were these men kidnapped, they were taken to the palace, beaten and intimidated in the presence of Prince Nonso Nwoko, Dennis Uwadiegwu Nwoko, Mbanefo Nwoko and Uzor Nwoko. Gladys Kogwuonye who is the women leader in Ugboko was told to wash plates and was also forced to write an undertaking denouncing her support for Prince Ned Nwoko.

All these have been documented by the Police, DSS and Military Intelligence. Indeed the military were present when Cyprian an Okada rider was shot and killed in the palace. According to the military, they couldn’t reply because they were outnumbered. The poor Okada rider; Cyprian was left to bleed to death. The village terrorist groups who were about 150 in number also attacked Prince Ned Nwoko’s house but were repelled by the security in the house. They attacked and shut down schools, markets, burnt and destroyed Iyase’s properties, burgled and destroyed Odogwu’s properties, destroyed Kemi’s shop, beat up the youths supporting Prince Ned Nwoko. How could a king to be, if he becomes king that is, terrorize his own community? He has given himself a crown which he wore the day his father died. He wore the crown at the burial of his father (which is an abomination.) As for those sponsoring the terrorist organizations and anybody making contributions to the following UBA account details – RAYMOND ALEX OMESIETE, 2036978432, the long arm of the law will catch up with them.

The letter by Okey Ifejokwu inciting violence and asking for contributions to the following UBA account details RAYMOND ALEX OMESIETE, 2036978432 is evidence of his criminal nature. It’s time Prince Nonso Nwoko, his brothers and sisters(from an Ubulu-Uku mother) to answer the police invitation and explain how their father died. For now, everyone believes that their father was strangled and asphyxiated. The poor man refused to die at the age of 91. Prince Obiajulu Nwoko and Prince Ejimofo Nwoko were the hit men that strangled him.

The surviving wives grew suspicious that the Igwe’s life was in danger and also that the Igwe’s life was actually snuffed out of him and they wrote a petition to the Inspector General of Police raising alarm on how their husband died. They were forcibly removed and humiliated from the palace before they executed their deadly plans. The biggest fear Prince Nonso and his cohorts have is the investigation of the murder allegation. This is why they have refused to honor police invitations even for a simple interview. Indeed the izu ani they called and the manner it was called was a diversionary tactics to take away focus from the murder investigation. It is now common knowledge that a civil action is ongoing at Issele-uku High Court on behalf of the 18 year old son of the late Obi who is the right heir to the throne.

No doubt that this once peace loving village will remain without a king for years to come as Prince Nonso is prohibited from parading himself king. He cannot attend functions or mix with other kings. A notable elder late professor Soma Nwoko wrote on the issue why Prince Nonso cannot be the Obi three years ago. His vision and courage should be saluted for setting the record straight. All other members of the family are called upon to emulate him. As it is now, the issue of homicide as it pertains to the death of the Obi and killing of an Okada rider inside the palace last week coupled with the stockpiling of arms and ammunitions in the palace used by hundreds of cultists brought in by Prince Nonso Nwoko will go a long way in defining the future of Idumuje-Ugboko.

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