Tuesday , August 16 2022


Secret Reporters

The well known obscurity of Fmr. Gov. Emmanuel Uduaghan came to limelight during the just concluded Democracy Day celebration, Secret Reporters has learnt.

The event which took place at the famous but over priced event centre, Asaba brought all the political players together, which included the 1999-2017 democratically elected Governors and their Deputies.

According to a source who was present at the event; the crowd went wild as soon as the incumbent Governor, Mr Ifeanyi Okowa came inside. When his predecessor, Mr Emmanuel Uduaghan strolled in, it was like no one entered the hall as the crowd didn’t even make a single noise to recognize his presence. He went quietly to his seat with his head bowed.

Few minutes later, Mr James Ibori was seen entering the venue, which sent the whole place into jubilation with the shout of “Odidigborigbo” renting the hall. Uduaghan was just moping like someone who had just seen a ghost and watching the celebration of Ibori before his eyes, another source added.

While almost all the Speakers eulogized Ibori and Okowa for being good political leaders who have nurtured loyal followers, no one made mention of Uduaghan. “It was like he never existed despite sitting in the front row in between Ibori and Okowa”, relayed a source.

Out of anger and frustration, he carried his little belonging like a little demon chased by Holy Ghost fire and left the praise service.

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  1. If he had done well as a former Governor, the crowd could have hail him too. A lesson for all

  2. Lesson for we all, if u do good na good go follow u, if u do bad na bad go follow u

  3. This is a big lesson for all.

  4. They only Celebrated Okowa because he his still in office, hmmmm make he comot first, this was exactly how they celebrated EEU too finishing strong man…

  5. Instead of them to express there pains and lacks of turn around in the state,they ar celebrating them for looting the state to a state of emptiness. Delta youth pls wake up from ur slumber.

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