In recent times we have observed a ratchet of very strange insinuations, messages and statements being attributed to the peace loving people of Umueri in an effort to rekindle the long forgone dispute with our neighbouring brothers, Agulerians or peach Ndi Umueri against the visibly working governor of Anambra State, Chief Willie Obiano. A recent statement tagged “Governor Obiano Takes Umueri Aguleri War To A Higher Level “ and released online by an unknown, and more accurately, illegal group called Greater Umueri Liberation Forum (GULF) do not represent the position and interest of Umueri or its people.

The said statement is frivolous, error prone and aimed at causing disaffection and possibly reengineering war between Umueri and Aguleri. A closer examination of the name, GULF, suggests rebellion.

In as much as Umueri has a respected Traditional Ruler and President-General who are naturally positioned to speak for us, we as youths wish to inform the general public that;

1. No sign of change of Sign post has been observed anywhere around Otuocha and as such the allegations of Agulerization of Umueri territory is totally false.

2. The National ID Card being issued to our people, Teachers’ Promotion Letters and the High Court Otuocha still bears the same lettering and format as it were before Chief Willie Obiano became the governor of Anambra State.

3. Umueri has benefited from the government of Gov Willie Obiano; We had a member of the Petroleum Committee. The Special Assistant to the Governor on Youth Mobilization, Blessing Nnamekwe is from Umueri and our Patron, Chief (Sir) Ben Emeka (CEO of New Idea Construction Company) remains a top contractor favoured by the State Government.

4. Over 40 of our youths have benefitted from the Government’s training programmes and many more working in various Government Committees.

5. The incumbent Local Government Chairman, Hon Hillary Udeano got his post after Gov Willie Obiano played a fatherly role that made an Aguleri man, Chinedu Nnatuanya to step down.

6. On infrastructure, the Anambra Airport is being situated at Umueri with three major dualised roads leading into it. Also, the Umeuri – Anam by-pass in under construction while the General Hospital, Umueri has received a new look since assumption of office by Chief Willie Obiano.

7. Just recently, Umueri was chosen as the preferred centre for a new School of Nursing and Midwifery as announced by the Hon Commissioner for Health, Josephat Akabuike few weeks ago.

8. Gov Obiano has shown us love and Umueri has never had it so good under any previous government in Anambra State.

We call on politicians and their wards to restrain from endangering the peace between Umueri and Aguleri by their actions and utterances.

Live Umueri Youths
Long Live Anambra East LGA
Long Live Akpokuedike Global
Long Live Anambra State.

Ifeanyi Ofodile (Mmili)
PRO, Umueri Youth Vanguard

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