Fejiro Oliver

Apart from having a quest for the physical good things of life by owing mansions everywhere, Delta State Governor, Emmanuel Ewetan Uduaghan is in love with the daughters of Eve. But this time, the eagled eye of this writer as well as reliable sources within his government did not found him wanting when it comes to petite young unmarried ladies, but with women of high profile, the very ones described as society ladies who are married.

First on this list of budding young leaders is alleged to be the wife of Sunny Ofili? Remember him? Sunny Ofili is the immediate past Special Adviser on ICT who died in a motor accident, alongside the King of Issele Uku some few months ago. Reliable sources squealed that while the man was alive, the chubby governor was doing ‘kerewa kerewawa’ which even Sunny knew about but could do nothing for fear of losing his job. Ironically, on the death of Sunny, the wife was appointed to the same position the husband formally held.
Fred Amata did not just leave Agatha because she was not a good lady. Of course, she was and still is. What many don’t know is that he found out that there was an unholy affair between the wife and the governor, and when he could not stomach it, he called it quit. After destroying the marriage, he had full access to her; made her a media consultant to the Delta State government where sources said that she got over N50 million monthly just to do image laundering for the governor. Her recent benefit of being the governor’s sweet potato is using her as a front to open Rave TV.
Another man who has had a taste of the governor’s philandering lifestyle is Ngozi Okoli. After lots of intimacy between the governor and the wife, Okoli called it quit. Immediately after this happened, Uduaghan sent her to the USA after buying her a house there. A big question mark still on the minds of Delta is why Eborka’s wife was taken to Delta State liason office in Abuja when the husband is in Delta.
One of those on his conquest list is a House of Assembly member whose name will be hidden for now. Ironically enough, after having an affair with this lady, he is plotting to stop her from having a term term in office.
Another marriage that may soon crash is that of a beautiful Commissioner whose name is also kept hidden for now, but she is from Isoko. After having a taste of her, he is rewarding her with a seat to the Delta State House of Assembly.
Canary bird has also revealed that then Commissioner for Infrastructure is also his bed sharer. This love for women is well known among his aides, which we gathered made all the account officers in almost all the various ministries in Delta State to be women, raising questions if there are no male accounts graduates in the state. Pathetically enough, these women of whom some are his dates are not indigenes of Delta State.
**Beautiful bankers are also on his radar but their names will be revealed in due time.

Fejiro Oliver is the Managing Editor of Daily Voice NG and Media Consultant and Editorial, Board Chairman of Secrets Reporters News. He is currently overseas for a fellowship program.


  1. Fejiro Oliver! this is scandalous o…but which one do you want us to believe now? because other blogs say Sunny Ofili died in a plane crash, this one says car crash and all the sites gave your name as the writer of these stories…NA WA OOO. CHEAP PUBLICITY


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