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As it is said and widely known, “Bail is free”, however, it unfortunate that the Nigerian Police has not deemed it fit to implement it, probably because of its financial benefit. This practice has over time has transformed the police from being the society`s best friend to become its worst enemy.

This is evident in their day to day activities with a clear example being the recent re-arrest of seven brothers in Port Harcourt who were initially released from police custody without paying a dime over allegations of cultism and illegal possession of a firearm.

Information obtained by SecretReporters reveal that the Crack Squad from the Mile 1 Police Station in Port Harcourt at midnight stormed the house of the victims who were sound asleep claiming that a suspected cultist ran into the house during a hot pursuit, which necessitated the immediate search of the house. It was also revealed that having thoroughly searched the house no trace of the fleeing suspect was found, however, on their way out a locally made pistol was found on the floor of the corridor which prompted the immediate arrest of the seven brothers for alleged cultism and illegal possession of firearms amidst their pleas of innocence.

It was also gathered that having been arrested and detained for five days, friends and relatives of the suspects eventually secured their release without paying any bail fee with the approval of the Second in Command as the Crack Squad Commander Ademola Adebayo was not on seat.

However, SecretReporters gathered that upon arrival of the heinous Squad Commander who was away when the case was reported, having learnt that no bail fee was paid before the suspects were released, he immediately ordered their re-arrest insinuating that no suspect arrested for allegations of cultism can be bailed without paying for it, therefore, he demanded that a bail fee of 5 million Naira must be paid before they can be set free.

It was also gathered the Commander who is well known for his greed and callous nature having detained the suspects for three days vehemently turned a blind eye to the fact that they are innocent of the charge and further threatened to charge them to court and ensure that they are convicted and sent to jail if the bail amount of N5 million naira is not provided soon.

The Families of the suspects and other concerned citizens are calling on the Inspector General of Police, National Human Rights Commission (NHRC), Police Public Complaint Unit as well as the Rivers State Commissioner of Police to immediately wade into the matter so as to ensure that innocent citizens are not convicted and made to rot in jail as they call for the case file to be immediately handed over to another unit for adequate investigation and further proper prosecution if the accused are found wanting.

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