What was your perception of Nollywood before you became a film maker? ‎

I must admit, I thought it was just fun and games. But it is hard work. These Nollywood people are something else. The foundation they have built is with little or no support from government, yet they’ve put Nigeria on the world map and contributed to increasing our GDP. They are our cultural ambassadors, our escape, and our lives. Three industries – banking, religion and Nollywood – work in Nigeria, albeit with lots of room for improvement. You just simply have to hand it to them.

How much has this view changed?

In recent years, new kids on the block are knocking on the door. They are bringing in new money, fresh faces, wide international interest and very new techniques. They are asking the tough questions and challenging the status quo. Kunle Afolayan and Izu Ojukwu in film, Chioma Ude of AFRIFF and Wangi Mba Uzoukwu of Africa Magic in the aggregator platforms, Kene Mkparu and Nnaeto in new cinemas. Change is inevitable. Let me not forget Adonis Production, of course in production. Those of them who don’t try to think that they are better than Nollywood seem to be making it. I think the trick is to tweak, not to try to take over. Nollywood is Africa and Africa does not need to be re-invented. What is changing now is that Africa’s voice, courtesy of Nollywood, is getting a lot louder. A few years ago, we had four cinemas in Nigeria. Now, we have 24 and by the end of the year, we will have 30. Not to talk of new cinema investment that is on its way. In Rivers State, we have a well-known local saying, “I dey there better pass them say.” Something is happening in Nollywood. If you blink, you will miss it.

What’s the toughest part of putting a movie together?

Getting the money. Too many of us who can help don’t. Too many who can lift up the next African Steven Spielberg, the next Spike Lee or the future Oprah Winfrey, see them as irrelevant, because they don’t get it. This industry is the next best thing. As politicians become more and more unpopular, less and less news will be watched and more and more movies will give Nigerians the escape they need. Our entertainers are already becoming more influential than our leaders. The brands get this. Nigerians need to get it too. Very few industries afford our youth the freedom that this one does. It speaks to their souls. We all need to understand that.

Politics, business and film making, how do you marry all these? ‎

There is a link – youth empowerment. So, once you see it from that perspective, it shouldn’t surprise you. I love to create jobs, to get people working, watch them slowly building and feeding their families. Politics for me is what to do, the business has taught me how to do it because by virtue of listening to and telling the real Nigerian story, I understand why things need to be done. I am driven in all these areas. But at my core, the engagement of the younger generation encompasses all. It’s not work for me.

How do you balance them with family?

Good question. That is the hard part. But I have the most amazing family ever. They are my biggest fans, so my work is theirs. From my wife to my kids, to my siblings, to my parents, we are all in this together. They just loaned me out. It’s not a life choice, it’s just a project. And very soon, my work will be done.

‘Kajola’ is Nigeria’s first science fiction movie. What was the story behind it?

I came in as executive producer after the same team I worked with on ‘Nnenda’ brought this unique project to my attention. Adonis Production is synonymous with good stuff and so I naturally took a keen interest. But what appealed to me with ‘Kajola,’ was the tale of two cities, two classes, the rich and the poor. It resonated powerfully and I simply had to be part of telling that story. Trying new things is also one of the signatures of the Adonis team, so being a part of the crew that brought you the first full science fiction feature film was not an accolade I could reject.

What’s on your mind when you are making a movie?

It is, what message am I sending? To me, Nigeria’s, Africa’s biggest challenge is re-orientation. I want to use film to get you to have a rethink. I want you to use film to escape from the stress and I want to use film to keep people busy. ‘Nnenda’ was about orphans, ‘Kajola’ was about the poor while ‘76’ is about Nigeria. My hope is that as people watch these powerful films, they see what I saw, escape from the day to day hassles and then immerse them in how life should be. If we succeed, we will get more youths empowered and that is the ultimate goal. Over 200 cast and crew were used in ‘76.’ Apprenticeship programs that took place on set. Up and coming actors then, are now winning best actor awards now. Top directors today were associate directors then. We want to give to the industry. Not simply to take away from it.

Which has been the most challenging of your works to realize?

No doubt, ‘76’ by far. It’s the first movie we did on celluloid, first movie to be shot in an army barracks, first blockbuster in our pack, first movie to do a private screening within post production. First this, first that. But as it was challenging, it has also been very rewarding. To see the child grow into a man leaves a smile on the face. All in all it took us seven years to get here. I am my own worst constructive critic, but I can look back on ‘76’ and say, wow, we tried!

Why don’t you commercialise your movies?

We will. Content, as one media executive here told me, is king. It always has value, just like time. Nobody is in possession of any of our rights – yet. We will choose very carefully before we decide, but very soon, our films will be available for your viewing pleasure. You can count on that. Having said this, it is not all about the money. Alliances need to be built and we are almost there.

How are you able to fund other projects without commercialising them?

By taking small bites and not biting more than we can chew. Also by taking our time to get it right, when we can. The search for cash is a skill by His grace. It is neither by sheer strength nor by might. You can easily run into bad debts whilst searching for good money, especially if you talk to the wrong people. We handle long term money. So we have minimum pressure. As we build the right teams, funding for other projects will emerge, while revenue from existing ones will come back. Film making is a business.

At what point did you decide to do ‘76’ and what motivated you?

‘76’ is a game changer. It’s a new chapter in storytelling and the fact that it is based around real events is even more fascinating. So as a story, we already knew we had something there. I had worked with Izu Ojukwu on ‘Nnenda’ before and so I knew his pedigree. He is meticulous, prudent and world class. So I knew that with Adonis production in the lead, nothing could go wrong. That was why I got involved. The movie went over budget but that was due to changing locations twice and the need to satisfy military protocols. Let’s just say, getting the permission to shoot in a barracks was not as easy as we thought.

What was your experience getting the cast to fit into the 1976 setting?

That was the job for others. Mine was to give it a final nod and wink. Seeing the movie now, they put round pegs in round holes. Rita Dominic performed out of her skin, in her role as the officer’s wife. Chidi Mokeme, I am sure will make many new fans with what was an excellent portrayal of the life of a soldier in 1976. Of course it is now no secret what Daniel K Daniel is made of. He and Ramsey Nouah struck a bond on set that showed up in the final product. Ramsey killed it. He was out of this world. And the list goes on. I couldn’t be happier than with the cast and crew of this film. I love them.

The actors changed physically and all that over the seven-year period. How did you manage that?

Don’t let the makeup fool you. The cast were only there for six months of filming. One month prior to that was military drill exercises for the male cast. They wanted them, not acting like soldiers but actually being soldiers. That put them in very, very sound physical shape. This was critical for the authenticity of the movie. I know six months is an eternity in Nollywood but we wanted to build a family. And I think we did that. We had weddings, birthdays, child dedications and funerals on set. We had it all.

Why did it take seven years to do it?

For a variety of reasons. First, it was an idea in Izu’s head that required support. Adonai, the CEO of Adonis Production provided it. They then began to build on that until they felt they knew something that Princewill’s trust could add, which is where I came in. That process took a few years. Then you had a green light from us for pre-production which required the crew to now recreate 1976. First location was Adamawa, then Ibadan, before the Mokola barracks became our home. Refurbishing the cars, repainting the houses, putting the props in place and shooting without viewing all meant that time and lighting was critical to outcome. Months were exhausted. We spent a relatively short time shooting compared to pre-production and post-production. Due to the fact that we shot on celluloid, post production is in Munich, Germany. Good soup, na money kill am. [sic] [Laughter]

When you are not making movies, doing politics, business or being a philanthropist, how do you occupy your time?

I watch movies, play video games and listen to music. Running away from the girls is also a full time job. So many very pretty women, but I only have eyes for one, Rosemary.

In all you have done, what is the biggest thrill for you?

Running for governor, politics. It has the biggest impact, the largest reach. They say it’s dangerous, but not for me. I want to make things happen. Not watch things not happen. And politics is what gives you the opportunity. If you can’t stand the real heat, stay out of the kitchen. Unfortunately, we have allowed the lunatics take over the asylum so principled performers like me who are not mad enough to loot and kill are at a disadvantage. I’d rather lose than kill and steal, and people with money don’t have the guts to fight the system because the system can and does break them. The people are helpless. Remove the lunacy from politics and Nigeria will explode into the next level. But that will require the resolve of civilized Nigerians, an uncompromising international community and institutions devoid of interests. A long shot yes, but a choice we must make sooner or later.

When you ran for governor, what were your chances?

If we had an electoral body that meant what it said, people with resources who cared enough about their country to keep their promises and politicians who realize that their actions have equal and opposite reactions, I would have won. Without a card reader, we don’t stand a chance. With a card reader, we do. The three major parties had a debate, the first of its kind in Rivers State and I practically wiped the floor with Wike and Dakuku, without breaking a sweat. As the Labour Party candidate, I was being called by PDP and APC members to say, it was a landslide. I would make the best governor amongst us. But that is not what wins – because the people don’t vote. So I guess, my portion is to be the best governor Rivers State never had. Life goes on.

Are you likely to contest again?

No. Even if the people want me, the system either does not want me, or refuses to put in place basic fundamentals for people like me to emerge. Twice now I have put everything on the line for my state with little or no support from people who will benefit most from my emergence. How many times will I run for the same position at such a high price? There is a very fine line between determination and desperation and I will not cross it. If youth empowerment is truly my passion, I will find other ways to execute it and other people to support to be governor of Rivers State. Let me make it clear though, I will not quit politics or my supporters, but I am not desperate to be governor. Let us all make the bed we will lie in.


Chief Sunny Onuesoke is a chieftain of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) and Special Project Director to the immediate past governor of Delta State, Emmanuel Uduaghan. He is also a former governorship aspirant in the state. He spoke with SYLVESTER IDOWU on varied issues, including what Deltans should expect from the government of Senator Ifeanyi Okowa.

The election has come and gone. What do you expect from the governor, Senator Ifeanyi Okowa?

I would not use the word expectation. Uduaghan recently unveiled a lot of mega developmental strides that he promised Deltans. I am appealing to Deltans to work with Senator Okowa, and I am telling you, they have not seen anything when it comes to developmental strides. I want to assure you that as this government has been inaugurated, we will begin to see real development in the state. It will be pronounced like the rainbow.

Okowa is one man I give kudos to when it comes to leadership and administration. He is somebody that has shown his worth in all the offices he has handled. So what I am saying is that Deltans should expect marvellous developmental strides.

A lot of people are of the opinion that he has been part and parcel of the same cabal that held the state down, and that he is not going to do anything different from what they have been doing. Are you saying us that he will not disappoint Deltans?

Okowa is going to be different because though we belong to the same party, our personal views on issues are different. Fine, Ibori remains a political Iroko in the state right now. He actually started PDP in the state, and so we cannot give the history of PDP in this state without mentioning the name of Ibori. Ibori is a leader that steps into any place and there is a change. So I believe Okowa has the same carriage too. The Okowa I know will not disappoint Deltans. I served under Okowa for four years when he was SSG because he was my direct boss. Then I was the Special Project Director, and I report to him directly. So I know his reactions towards issues. He is a very calm and calculative person.

What area do you think the new governor should give more attention?

The first thing I see is wealth creation. I am not talking about the civil service because it is over bloated. Nothing seems to happen in these government offices. I am not saying that government should not employ, but are they going to employ people to be idle? The governor should concentrate more on the creation of wealth because when you create wealth, the wealth will in turn employ people. We have to develop the resources we have within. We have to be vigorous in terms of internally generated revenue. We need to look backward to source funds beyond oil. We are going to pursue things that will create jobs for the people apart from the civil service. I am very sure that he already has a master plan for that.

If there is creation of wealth, there is going to be peace and security. When a man is well fed, he thinks positively. You cannot create peace when the people are hungry. For you to have total peace, you have to create industries, primary, secondary and tertiary institutions. When there is peace you do not need security. That is the way I look at it. One thing I keep telling Deltans is that Okowa is not going to exhibit arrogance in power. All his lieutenants are going to be servant-leaders. Gone are the days when people showcase arrogance while in power. That will not be tolerated any longer because these are things Okowa does not like.

Uduaghan left behind a lot of uncompleted projects like the Ughelli/Asaba road and Osubi/Eku road, what would you expect the incoming governor to do as regards these uncompleted projects?

We all know that everywhere in the world, governance is continuous. So it is left for the incoming governor to complete those projects. He is going to have his own scale of preference among all these projects, and he will decide which one to complete and which one not to complete.

How do you feel knowing that the Ughelli/Asaba road which you supervised was not completed and commissioned?
Like I said before, governance is continuous. Someone else will come and complete it. There are lots of projects that he did not complete like the Ode/Itsekiri bridge which had a lot of challenges. So it all depends on the challenges faced in those areas.

Three governorship aspirants are now in court challenging the victory of Okowa in the just concluded elections, what do you make of this?

Like I keep telling people, I do not know these personalities, and I would not like to accuse anybody as a serial loser because I may be quoted wrongly. They are entitled to their views. If I were them, I would not have contested the results considering the landslide victory of the PDP. Great Ogboru should realise that this is the first time he had the lowest votes in Delta Central. So what is he contesting for? Then, Olorogun O’tega Emehror is a neophyte. He would not have just come here because he knew that APC has no footing in the state.

So what is he contesting? Did Emerhor win his unit? So what is he contesting? Did Emerhor win his ward or his local government? What is he contesting? Is he a politician who cannot win his unit and ward? First and foremost, he has a home based credibility problem. He has ward and local government credibility problem. I do not want to sound prejudiced, but let us look at it this way; you could not win your unit, ward and local government, why do you think you can win Oshimili, Isoko, Ijaw or Itsekiri?

Some Deltans are of the view that those who have gone to the tribunal should withdraw their cases for the development of Delta, what is your reaction to this?

That is a very good suggestion by Deltans. It is a welcome development. Nothing is wrong if Emerhor and Ogboru withdrew their case, especially Ogboru because I am not particular about Emerhor. APC is an insignificant factor in the political diagram of Delta State, and the name Emerhor is even strange. He is from my local government, and he is my brother, but his name is strange in Delta politics. Ogboru could be a colossus and a big serial loser, agreed. But he is a man of factor. I will gladly appeal to Ogboru to withdraw his case in the spirit of statesmanship like what Goodluck did for Buhari, and join in the development of the state. Ogboru has a lot of things upstairs which he can use to draw development to the state in conjunction with PDP.

You are still in PDP despite the massive defection from the party, what are you still doing in there?

First and foremost, I do not know how to dance two brands of music at a time. I am a man of principle and too civilized to cross from PDP to APC. Let me instruct you a little. Have you ever heard that a Democrat defected to the Republican in the US? It is absolute crap. The defeat of PDP is a sign of maturity because it happens everywhere. Why should I leave the party that I sow seed on? If you are looking at the next generation that is going to lead the party in the future with bigger appointment, where are you going to get them if everybody abandons the party? I have been the most consistent follower of PDP since its creation in Delta State. I am a foremost builder of PDP in Delta State, who has continued to stand firm for the party. It will be foolish and suicidal for me to leave the party I helped built.

So how do you intend to rebuild the PDP structure in preparation for 2019?
We have already started doing that from the state level. One thing I have been praying for is to function at the national level.
You were one of the major campaigners for the re-election of Jonathan in the last election, how will you describe the man Goodluck Jonathan?

He is a perfect gentleman, and somebody I have so much respect for. He has come and gone and he is part of history.
What is your advice to President Buhari?

He should be focused. He should be progressive. Instead of taking little, little steps he should take giant steps. The first thing I expect him to do is to be focused, and stop talking about probe here and there.
What advice do you have for Nigerians?

Let’s embrace everything that happens to us. There is nothing that happens that does not have God’s hand in it. We should give Buhari the chance to rule the country.


…. How Rochas parks homosexuals and lesbians as government officials

Citizen, IKENNA SAMUELSON IWUOHA, the Nkwerre born social Crusader came to lime light during the Administration of former Governor of Imo State. Sir IKEDI OHAKIM when he fought the Governor he alleged that OHAKIM flogged him in Government House, and subsequently became one of those who fought to ensure that Sir IKEDI OHAKIM did not have his second term in office.

At the dethronement of that Administration and enthronement of Governor ROCHAS OKOROCHA led Administration in Imo State in 2011, SAMUELSON IWUOHA was made the SA to the Speaker of lmo State House of Assembly, CHIEF BENJAMIN UWAJUMOGU. But in 2013, things fell apart between them at the State House of Assembly and MR. IWUOHA finally resigned his appointment as the SA on Media to the Speaker. Months later, he was framed up and sent to Prison where he spent 328 days with his wife sharing the pains before the case was quashed on April 27, 2015 at high Court 4, Owerri where JUSTICE IRENE , DURUOHA IGWE presided.

In this interview, he recounted the whole incident that led to his incarceration and how he came out of Prison. Excerpts.

What actually happened?

The truth of the matter is that BENJAMIN UWAJUMOGU, you know, I exposed him. That is just the simple truth.
What has that exposure benefited the State or solved anything?

In the first place, the State Governor, ROCHAS OKOROCHA said that he is going to fight Corruption. Even, he initiated the Imo Anthem, and in it, one of the Stanzas says, “Corruption must stop!” So at the Office, I saw what was going on and I tried calling Uwajumogu to order. I told him, ‘look, you did not give me Appointment as a Politician. I accepted the Appointment because I am a Social Crusader. So there is no way I will be here and things will be going wrong and I will not talk’.

Yes, in our Office we were like a family. So naturally, nobody should expect me to come out and start talking about what was happening, but within us, I made him to understand that people should be reasonable. I did not accuse him directly because accusing him directly while I was under his authority would be an act of insubordination.
I accused the Chief of Staff and the Senior Aides directly because they were very fraudulent and fetish, and a whole lot of things they were doing.

Then, I used my own Department, the Media Department as an instance to let the Speaker know what was happening. But the Speaker didn’t like it. He never liked it at all, because investigating the Chief of Staff meant also investigating him, because for every hundred naira stolen by the Chief of Staff, KODICHI ANAMEKWE, the Speaker knew of it and that is the simple truth.

So rather than him taking action, he wanted all the Senior Aides to swear to an oath. Yes, that was how the problem started. So, sometime in May 2013, I got a test message sent by the SA Admin, MR. KINGSLEY NKEMKA, now late. He said that if we arrive at the Office we should head straight to the Speaker’s house. So when we arrived at the Speaker’s private residence in Umuguma, we were all ushered into his Bedroom, 8 of us Senior Aides.
For me, I knew I was the target. We saw a Native Doctor in his bedroom. The Speaker himself was stack naked.


Am telling you, he was stack naked. Well, you are interviewing me now, that’s why am saying it. I wanted to do a comprehensive account so that the whole world will know and I will still do it. The Speaker was stack naked with a Native Doctor, then the Chief of Staff, Kodichi and his mother, the mother is the head of the ghost workers.

Kodichi. In my petition to the EFCC, I also mentioned her name. Am sure you read the letter?


So it was the woman that addressed us before the Native Doctor will call your name, he will make some pronouncements which you will repeat after him, he will now give you that fetish thing, you would drink and go to where Uwajimogu was standing and then kiss his manhood and all that. I was the only person that refused to do that. In fact that was why I was suspended. Do you understand? (He Laughs), and not even that I did anything wrong. The thing was……… but I fought my way back and the battle continued.

So the truth of the matter is that in any Socio Political gathering or call it office or whatever, you are bound to meet such things because people will be fighting for positions but as for me as a Crusader I saw a lot. They planned to kill me on several occasions but they didn’t succeed. So eventually I resigned on 17th of December 2013. If I did not resign on that day they would have killed me. And of course many people died in that office.
One of the Police Orderlies’ following Speaker was poisoned to death because when he followed the speaker to Ihitte Uboma, sometime in October in 2012, he didn’t like what he saw. So when he came back, he complained to us that he saw how a young lady was killed and buried inside the compound. Of course the young lady was used for ritual. So he was poisoned so that people wouldn’t know. And of course Emmanuel Adoba was killed as well. But the outside world was made to believe it wasn’t political.

While I was in prison Nkemka was also murdered. The style of killing was the same. Even they came here wanting to kill me, of which by the grace of God I was not around, eventually Architect Franklin Okoli was killed. It is still the same thing. So the truth of the matter is that when I resigned, for me, I didn’t initially start to accuse the Speaker. I started with the Chief of Staff and other aides before I now summoned enough courage to confront my boss. I alerted the Governor. Of course, the Governor is one of them. They are all the same people, members of the reformed Ogboni Fraternity. As am saying this, I want people to know what is going on in the State. That is the simple truth. The Governor is a Grand Master of the reformed Ogboni fraternity. The Speaker is a nominal member of the reformed Ogboni fraternity. And the current Chief Judge, Hon. Justice Paschal Nnadi is also a Grand Master of the reformed Ogboni fraternity. Everything is just Ogboni fraternity all the way, if you don’t believe in their system or if you don’t toe their line they will look at you as somebody who has come to spy on them unless you are one of them. Or at least you take an oath.

Then, the issue of homosexuals’ is a terrible thing. The Speaker is not a homosexual. I will stand on the truth but of course the truth of the matter is that many people at the Executive arm of Government, more than 85% of them are homosexuals and ‘am going to publish their names. Both elected and appointed Political appointees. They have all been initiated. Then is it drug addiction? Hard drugs!

What of the women political appointees?

That’s what am saying. Homosexual and lesbianism are incorporated. I will talk. I am not afraid. Or is it burying of charms prepared with new born babies and even adopted babies, killing of people? Do we talk of the kidnap of the Principal Secretary to the former Deputy Governor, Sir Emenike Ihekwoaba? Do we talk about the brutal murder of Laz Anyanwu?

But I understand that you were framed up and sent to prison

Yes, on the issue of the murder of Architect Franklin Okoli, the Speaker, having been frightened, Because I forced him to set up a panel and he refused. I went to EFCC. Then the Governor was afraid. The Governor now made a u-turn and went on a local Government road assessment tours and openly indicted the Speaker. It was all over the news and the speaker Himself made a u-turn and set up a Kangaroo Panel. While they were still inside the Chambers I did my Press Release and described the Panel as April fool Panel and I made nonsense of that Panel. They invited me and I told them I will not come, and nothing happened. That proved that it was a Kangaroo Panel.

So the man felt humiliated, and the truth of the matter is that the Governor also felt embarrassed because I also started writing letters to the Government, official letters entitled; Imo State Government Silence on Speaker Uwajumogu’s Criminal and Fraudulent Activities is embarrassing’. I also wrote and said, ‘your personal Silence on Uwajumogu’s Criminal Activities is Worrisome’.

That was when the Governor invited the Speaker and ordered him to kill me. I am telling you the truth. The Speaker left Government House and started calling some of his friends, saying, :the Governor has ordered me to kill Samuelson.

One of his friends, and I will mention his name. His name is Chief Emeka Ibe,(Emeka South), from Obolo in Isiala Mbano, so that people will know what am talking about. He called me and told me what Uwajumogu revealed to him. And of course the whole world knew because I was alerting the world, ‘my life is in danger oooo’, my life is in danger oooo’

So when this cult war started in Owerrri, between Vikings Confraternity and Black Axe Movement, the Imo State Government now Queued into that Cult War. Uwajumogu sent 5 armed boys to come here and kill me. And if they had suceeded in killing me, I would have been termed a victim of Cult War. But unfortunately for them, I was not around. So from the report of the security meeting which was held at Government House on Thursday 5th June 2014 on the orders Sir Jude Ejiogu, Chief of Staff to the Governor, Uwajumogu was contacted by those boys, and Uwajumogu told them to just kill anybody, that they will still hang it on my head, so that I will be arrested. So that was what happened. I did not kill anybody. And that is the truth. And luckily for me, God made sure that I did not come back. I only returned to meet Policemen in my compound. How can I kill? A Crusader? Eh?

When I was in my office, I was returning unspent funds, the only political appointee in Imo State Government that was returning money. I had the opportunity to make money, I said no, because I got this appointment based on my Social Crusade work, speaking up against ills of the society. I was very honest. But look at what has happened to Uwajumogu today. He crashed out completely. A man I gave so much love. Before God and man, if somebody had told me I would quarrel with Uwajumogu, I would have given that person a bloody knock out, because I loved this man with all my heart. I didn’t just see him as my boss, I saw him as my own father, my own brother, my uncle. In short, I saw him as Samuelson Iwuoha himself. I saw myself as the Speaker of the Assembly. I protected that Office. But look at, that place has collapsed, the entire Office!

And am sure having fought the battle and lost completely, in his sober moments he would be reflecting on what actually happened, and his conscience would tell him that Samuelson actually protected him. I gave that man undiluted love but he abused and missed it.

What has EFCC done with the revelations you made?

Well, I have just come out of prison and thank God, somebody like Buhari is now the president of this Country. He would be sworn in soon. Trust me.

How long did you stay in the Prison?

328 days in all, 65 days at the police, that is 2 months at the police and then nine months at Prisons.

What of your wife?

Six and half months, two months at the police and four and half months in the Prisons.

Who took care of your children?

Well, God took care of them through my brothers, sisters and inlaws, my parents. My children suddenly became emergency orphans, but we give God the glory.

What are your plans now?

Well, taking stock of what happened and taking a look at my businesses, to re-organize my businesses and Social Crusade work. Of course, giving thanks and glory to God because the mere quashing of the case against me is a proof that God has always been on my side. A lot of my goods running in millions of naira spoilt in my warehouse! But I thank God am alive. My lawyers are preparing to take action against these criminals.

You were arrested and kept in police custody, who took the matter to Court, you or them?

Well, I have contacts. You know, I was writing from Police Cell. So, instead of the Police doing investigation, they were only interested in finding out how I was writing. So, every morning, the then Deputy Commissioner of Police, Mr. David Folawiyo, he was always coming to my cell to search to see if he would see writing materials on me because I was writing on daily basis.

So how were you writing?

I won’t tell you, am a strategist. I was writing and all my write ups were published on the Internet. So I was able to pull down people from Abuja, Senior Police Officers. I was able to contact Inspector General of Police, even the Presidency. They all were involved in this matter and they sent Senior Police Officers to come and pull the matter from Owerri here to Abuja.
And when they came down here, the then Commissioner of police, Mr. Abdul-Majid Ali, they have posted him out now, but he alerted the Governor who came out openly and stopped them because they knew that if I had been transferred to Abuja, I would have been released and Abuja would have come down here to pick those five boys and they would have confessed and the identity of their Sponsors being Rochas Okorocha and Speaker Uwajumogu would have been unmasked. So in order to frustrate that effort of taking me to Abuja, my wife and I were rushed to the Court and were remanded in Prison custody. So in a way, I fought from Police Cell and we striped them naked and the whole world started to see their nakedness and emptiness. So in a bid to cover that nakedness, they rushed us to Court in an attempt to use the judiciary as fig leaves to cover their nakedness, just like Adam and Eve. But the main thing is that Citizen Ikenna Samuelson Iwuoha is out and they would see the true meaning of activitism. Rochas Okorocha would not go scot free, am going to deal with him.

But in the Prison, how did the matter continue in court?

I have lawyers. My lawyers fought hard, and of course, we knew we would win but they simply used executive power to suppress us.

How was the matter finally struck out?

That was on Monday 27th of April, five days ago. Even on that day, the Governor, immediately he learnt that the matter had been struck out he went mad and said, ‘that Judge? She went and struck off the matter and released the boy so that he would come out and destabilize my Government?

Which judge?

Justice Irene Duruoha Igwe a very wonderful woman.

Which court?

Hight court 4 Owerri. Okorocha disappointed the whole world but am going to expose him. He has a killer squad, let him come out openly and kill me, but am going to mess him up. As I did to Uwajumogu so will I do to Okorocha. Am not afriad of him.

That is all for now?

You are welcome.

Source: Harold Express, Owerri