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Secret Reporters

The Bayelsa born Rector of Federal Polytechnic, Ekowe Dr Timi Seiyaboh, may be in for a rough ride in court with a top political figure in the state over a land trespassing issues as it appears that he has shot himself on the foot in his usual style of acquiring properties and lands in choice areas worth millions of Naira in order to build gigantic edifices allegedly using embezzled school funds.

This is as information made available to SecretReporters reveal that the UK globetrotting Rector through his agents and cronies allegedly recently procured part of a landed property worth over N200 million in prime area of Opolo, Yenagoa in Bayelsa without title of land from the original owner which unknowing to him belonged to a well known political figure in the State, Senator Emmanuel Paulker.

It was gathered that the Rector perhaps thinking he has won a jackpot in acquiring the land which is strategically located in the state’s capital, mobilized workers to immediately commence work on the site only to receive a rude shock from loyalists of the Senator who immediately alerted the site workers who were already clearing the land in anticipation of commencing construction that the land belonged to the Senator thereby asking them to vacate the land with immediate effect.   

However, the site workers being confident of the supposed influence of the Rector who is well known as someone who has little or no respect for kings and elders in the community, refused vacating the land and was prepared for a showdown with the agents of the Senator but for the timely intervention of the Police from SIIB, State Police Command who immediately rounded up the site workers and took them into custody.

In his usual show of cunningness, sources revealed that the Rector who is said to be away in England has been allegedly making frantic efforts through his younger brother to prevent the case from been charged to court by the police opting for an out of court agreement in other to prevent the scandal from getting to public knowledge.

It was also gathered that the land which was acquired with funds allegedly gotten from over-invoiced capital projects, IGR and Tetfund intervention programs in Ekowe Campus was meant for the construction of a multi-million Naira edifice and a commercial plaza as part of his numerous assets home and abroad which are way beyond his total income. 

The monumental fleecing activities of the Rector who is quoted for always saying “I have the contacts in Abuja, I am untouchable” has resulted in the abandonment of various projects in the polytechnic and the payment of half salaries which has necessitated the recent move by the union to down tools in preparation for a massive protest to drive home their demands for full salary payment.

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