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Canadian Court Clears Chief David Siunoje of All Charges

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Chief David Siunoje, also known as MAMA, has been exonerated of all criminal charges in a case that has revealed deeper layers of political manipulation and personal vendettas. The Ontario Court of Justice in Brampton, Canada, formally dismissed the charges against Chief Siunoje on May 24, 2024, bringing to light a convoluted plot involving false accusations, infidelity, and political persecution.

Chief Siunoje faced severe charges, including sexual assault, voyeurism, extortion, and breach of recognizance, as per the Criminal Code of Canada. These accusations were brought forth by Blessing Nwoyibo Charles, a Nigerian resident in Canada. According to a letter dated May 27, 2024, by Siunoje’s lawyer, Robb Macdonald, obtained by SecretsReporters, the charges were based on events allegedly occurring in Brampton, Ontario.

From the outset, Macdonald identified significant weaknesses in the case, describing the allegations as “frivolous and based on an unreliable complaint.” His defense strategy involved highlighting these flaws and presenting contradicting evidence. Crucially, text messages and video evidence were introduced that undermined Charles’ version of events. These pieces of evidence played a pivotal role in convincing the government prosecutor to drop the charges.

An investigation into the background of the complainant, Blessing Nwoyibo Charles, revealed a pattern of deceit and infidelity. Charles, originally from Ubulu-Uku in Delta State, Nigeria, was found to have misled multiple partners about her marital status. This behavior cast doubt on her credibility and motives.

Her husband, Charles Obi Ilodigwe from Anambra State, Nigeria, is now dealing with the fallout of these revelations. Despite the potential for a volatile reaction, sources indicate that Charles maintains financial control over the household, complicating her husband’s position.

Chief Siunoje’s exoneration sheds light on a broader narrative of political intrigue. Since the 2023 general election in Nigeria, Siunoje has been targeted by opponents seeking to diminish his influence. Siunoje claims that various media outlets and social media platforms in Nigeria were manipulated to disseminate false information about him, part of a campaign to undermine his reputation.

According to Siunoje, his adversaries went to great lengths, including writing frivolous letters to His Royal Majesty, the Obi of Issele-Uku, and even consulting a witch doctor to intimidate the community with curses and charms.

Expressing relief and gratitude, Chief Siunoje thanked God for his vindication. He emphasized that truth ultimately prevails over falsehood, stating, “No mortal being has the authority of God. It’s a futile effort to try to undermine someone who has been divinely favored.” He also expressed his decision to forgive Blessing Nwoyibo Charles and move forward, while exploring legal options to address the media smear campaign against him.

The letter released by Siunoje’s lawyer reads in full “I am a criminal lawyer practicing in Toronto, Ontario, and member in good standing with the Law Society of Ontario. As part of my line of work, I assist people in defending against criminal charges that they may face. Mr. Siunoje was charged with sexual assault, voyeurism, extortion, and breach of recognizance contrary to the Criminal Code of Canada re allegations said to have taken place in Brampton Ontario. I represented Mr. Siunoje as his criminal lawyer. It appeared from the very outset that the charges were frivolous and based on an unreliable complaint. The complaint came from a woman named Nwoyibo (“Blessing”) Charles. After he was charged, I embarked on candid discussions and negotiations with the crown attorney / prosecutor assigned to this case.1w In doing so, I pointed out the weaknesses in the prosecutor’s case. I attempted to convince the prosecutor to drop these charges. Initially that request was denied. I then brought an application in court pursuant to s. 276 / 278 of the Criminal Code of Canada. This Application sought to introduce text messages and video evidence that completely contradicted the complainant’s version of events. We proceeded to a Stage 1 Hearing on this Application in which Mr. Siunoje was successful. The matter was scheduled for future trial dates. After reviewing the strength of our materials (and the contradictions of the Complainant’s version of events), the Crown Attorney ultimately agreed to drop all the charges that Mr. Siunoje faced. On May 24, 2024, all the charges were officially withdrawn against Mr. Siunoje at the Ontario Court of Justice in Brampton Ontario. Like all civilians, my client is entitled to the presumption of innocence. He was not convicted of the charges that he faced in this prosecution. There is no conviction. The charges were withdrawn. Mr. Siunoje is not facing any further outstanding charges. It was a pleasure representing Mr. Siunoje. He most certainly deserved the result that he received.”

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