While Lagosians Suffers, Gov. Sanwo-Olu Doles Out Over N100M Contracts To Former Lawmaker Olumide Ojerinde, Former Commissioner Ashim Oyekan And Lagos State Universal Basic Education Board Member, Falana Owolabi Jamiu

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Lagos State, the economic heartbeat of Nigeria, has once again found itself embroiled in a web of corruption and contract racketeering. An investigation by SecretsReporters has unearthed three suspicious contracts awarded by different government agencies, raising concerns about favoritism, potential conflicts of interest, and violations of established procurement regulations.

The Procurement Process under the Microscope

According to the Lagos State Public Procurement Agency’s guidelines, obtaining a government contract requires a specific set of criteria, including company registration, tax clearance certificates, and evidence of financial stability. These measures are in place to ensure transparency and fairness in the awarding of public funds.

However, the realities discovered by SecretsReporters showed that the Lagos State procurement agency is only an office without execution and appropriate discharge of duties.

Questionable Contracts:

  1. Replacement of Batteries, Tyres, and Servicing of Utility Vehicles (N2,469,275.00): Awarded to Constance & Alex Services in June 2022, despite the company lacking the required three years of tax clearance records. Further investigation revealed that the owner, Falana Owolabi Jamiu, holds a crucial position within the Lagos State Universal Basic Education Board, raising concerns about a potential conflict of interest.
  2. Facility Management of Lagos State Waterways Authority, Falomo Office (Renewal) (N74,442,936.31): Awarded to Exim Sat Nigeria Limited in February 2021, owned by former lawmaker Olumide Ojerinde. While the company seemingly meets basic requirements, questions linger about the potential influence of Ojerinde’s past political connections in securing the contract.
  3. Bashball Squad Limited (N35,168,804.81): Awarded by the Office of Drainage Services & Water Resources in June 2022. The company, owned by former commissioner Engr. Ashim Oyekan raises eyebrows due to his previous government positions, potentially violating Section 9 of the Code of Conduct for Public Officers.

Beyond Individual Cases:

These specific contracts expose potential flaws within the broader procurement system.

In addition to having your certificate of incorporation with the Corporate Affairs Commission as evidence that you are a legal entity under section 25 of the law establishing the Lagos State public procurement agency and for related purposes, a company must also provide CAC Form 7/7A (Particulars of first Director/Notice of change of Directors), For Business Name, (Particulars of Proprietors), and Evidence of Filing Annual Returns and Notice of Assessment of Tax, to be eligible for a contract with the Lagos state government. These are obligatory requirements, particularly in light of the seriousness of tax evasion in Nigeria.

These actions also violate Section 9 of the code of conduct for public officers involved with procurement, which states that a Public Officer shall decline to serve in a procurement process if any of the Bidders or Service Providers engaged in the procurement proceedings is related to him by blood, marriage or grant relationship or where the success of a particular Bidder or Service Provider in the proceedings will confer a pecuniary or other advantage on him.

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