How Emefiele, Malami, Idris, Sacked EFCC Boss Magu Connived With Standard Chartered Bank Ltd To Divert $730 Million Belonging To CEO of Imasuen Investment Japan, Ese Osabuohien Imasuen

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The embattled former Governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria, Godwin Emefiele, former Attorney General of the Federation, Abubakar Malami, former Inspector General of Police, Ibrahim Idris and former Chairmen of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, Ibrahim Magu and Abdulrasheed Bawa have been accused of conniving with the Standard Chartered Bank and other Nigerian Banks to divert and detain funds that are worth trillions of Naira belonging to one Ese Osabuohien Imasuen.

In documents obtained by SecretsReporters, the founder of Imasuen Investment Japan (Reg Νο 0200-3-006517), Imasuen International Concept (Bn 2426534) and Imasuen International Hong Kong (Reg No 17944360), Ese Osabuohien Imasuen alleged that the Nigerian bigwigs listed above are blocking access to his funds despite his appeals to the CBN and the EFCC to intervene.

According to the letters, Imasuen, a registered trader with Federal Reserve Bank License Accreditation No 987.335/12 to undertake Foreign Exchange Transactions invariably with resultant Commission and Brokerage fees, is a Nigerian and have been resident (and married) in Japan for about 15 years before embarking in foreign Exchange Business dealings in Nigeria with some Nigerian Bank from year 2013.

The businessman noted that the original fund, $730,000,000.00 from local Forex Trade Transactions which have now yielded ‘massive profit in excess of trillions of dollars,’ is being ‘detained’ by forces that are above his powers.

In a letter dated August 19, 2015, and captioned “Re: Deliberate Refusal Of The Central Bank Of Nigeria To Instruct Some Commercial Banks In Nigeria To Release The Lawfully Acquired Funds Of One Mr. Osabuohien Ese Imasuen In Their Possession,” the CBN had acknowledged receipt of Imasuen’s petition on the above subject.

The letter, which was signed by one Tony Eneiga, stated that Imasuen’s complaint had been forwarded to the “bank for necessary action in compliance with our Helpdesk circular dated 16th August 2011. Amongst other things, the circular requires that complaints are first lodged with the banks for resolution within two (2) weeks from the date of receipt of such complaints, failing which the complainant may revert to the Central Bank of Nigeria”.

“Consequently, we request that you liaise with the bank to resolve the issues and report the outcome to the Director, Consumer Protection Department, Central Bank of Nigeria, Abuja”.

One year after and without a headway, Imasuen in a petition dated 31st October 2016 which was addressed to the Inspector General of Police, alerted the commission on the “Criminal Breach Of Trust, Illegal Diversion And Detention Of $730,000,000.00 Belonging To Mr. Imasuen Osabuohien Ese By Jude Ikejiora, Mrs Philomena Omagene And The Managing Director Of Standard Chartered Bank And Threat To Life”.

Documents in possession of this online media revealed that the IGP, in a letter on November 1, 2016, mandated the Deputy Commissioner of Police, IGP Monitoring Unit to investigate the issue.

We gathered that two years later and unable to have a breakthrough despite his petitions to the CBN and the IGP, Imasuen on August 14, 2018, escalated his ordeal to the EFCC, with the hope of finding a lasting solution to his lingering predicament.

In his letter to the anti-corruption agency, Imasuen appealed to the then EFCC boss to intervene and help to facilitate the release of his funds being held captive by Standard Chartered Bank Nigeria – many years after, his file remains buried under the rumble.

Alarmed by his ordeal as his money continues to dangle in the airwaves, Imasuen decided to cry to the new Special Investigator of Central Bank of Nigeria, five years after his petition to the EFCC that fell on rocky sands.

In a petition dated 4th September 2023 and addressed to the Office of Special Investigator, CBN, the distressed Imasuen, who wrote with a “heavy heart,” begged the Investigator to unlock his funds “Made from Local And International Forex/Currency Exchange/Swap Transactions In Excess Of Trillions Of Dollars”.

He stated that “My funds have undergone scrutiny by relevant Nigerian security and financial agencies, confirming their legitimacy. Nevertheless, they were unjustly withheld, hindering my plans to invest in sectors like Agriculture, Oil and Gas, Transportation, Entertainment, and Infrastructure in alignment with the government’s vision to uplift our nation and improve the lives of countless fellow Nigerians.

“Regrettably, the banks involved have continuously denied me access to my legitimately hard-earned funds, despite assurances and promises to the contrary. For instance, Sir, sometimes in June 2023, both UBA PLC and ECO Bank Plc and recently around 3rd week August 2023, sent SMS messages to me stating that my account restrictions were lifted.

“However, despite fulfilling all required documentation, the road to my financial freedom remains uncertain and obstructed, hanging in a balance”.

The troubled Imasuen alleged that distressing evidence of collusion among bank managing directors emerged during a meeting with EFCC members, noting that he overheard conversations expressing shock at his continued existence, “as they seemed to anticipate my demise. The revelation suggests a malicious conspiracy of individuals who intend to use my funds to furnish their selfish interests”.

According to the letter, Imasuen said he had a disheartening encounter with former Attorney General Abubakar Malami and former EFCC Chairman Ibrahim Magu, as well as Former Inspector General of Police Ibrahim Idris but no progress resulted from these efforts.

He clarified that “Standard Chartered Bank holds the largest portion of my funds in excess of 730 million dollars from local Forex Trade Transactions, and other numerous foreign transactions which I, along with the Principal Sender – Mr. Janusz, blocked to prevent unauthorized trading. Mr. Janusz went on to issue a statement with notary instructing the banks to release my funds, but they callously ignored it, forcing us to block the funds and allow only Mr. Janusz to trade with them.

“In December 2022, the blocked funds yielding a massive profit in excess of trillions of dollars which Mr. Janusz traded with. In spite of Mr. Janusz trading with my funds and making profits, I am denied access to my own funds, pointing to a conspiracy involving the former CBN Governor – Godwin Emefiele, the former AGF – Abubakar Malami (CON, SAN), the former EFCC Bosses – Ibrahim Magu and Abdulrasheed Bawa, and the former Inspector General of Police – Ibrahim Idris, along with the banks, to withhold my hard-earned money while they profit from it.

“The legitimacy of these funds has been confirmed by the FBI, CIA, Interpol, and other relevant agencies. Additionally, Sir, your office can verify the legitimacy and validity of these transactions by contacting the President of the Bank of America for supporting evidence for these transactions as most of these transactions were executed, facilitated, and perfected through Roland Murray Attorney Trust Account in the Bank of America”.

He stated that the funds are being held by “Standard Chartered Bank Ltd and other banks with transaction code – st 10b/712212- at/id and st 50b/716311-at/id”.

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