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The major security problem Nigeria is experiencing today is the problem of social security. Social security can be referred to as government programs intended to promote the welfare for her citizens through guaranteeing access to shelter, food, health-care, and the provision of employment for the unemployed in the society.

Looking at a broader view of the term security, it not only means the protection of lives and property, but it covers many areas of life.

Security refers to social security, health security, food security, economic, education and many more. The war against insecurity in Nigeria can not be won if Nigerians can not afford the basic necessity of life. A man who is hungry is exposed to stealing. He is exposed to all forms of social vices. The notorious Boko Haram sect today and the numerous bombing taking place in the nation is as a result of the unavailability of social security for the Nigerian people.

Nigeria must begin to look beyond just wining the war against Boko Haram, the government of Nigeria must center towards providing social security for all and sundry.

The lack of gainful employment in the country has brought the speedy rise in kidnapping, arm robbery, terrorism, prostitution, and all forms of social vices . The government must rise up to her responsibility of providing for the good people of Nigeria, hence we might be consumed as a result of insecurity occasioned by corruption and lack of patriotism.

I remember my late father told me that in the 60’s and 70’s students were provided meals in schools, but today it is no longer the case. This is as a result as of the unbridled corruption and impunity which many public officials now indulge in . It pains me that the stealing in Nigeria has graduated from millions to billions and trillions. Without anyone asking what is happening to our nation. A nation where our founding fathers fought to protect. Where did we go wrong?

The government of Nigeria must as a matter of urgency provide the basic necessity of life if we must have a peaceful nation. Nigeria is not just a nation but the people that live in Nigeria are the ones that make up this country and so government must do everything possible to put smiles on the faces of Nigerians. We must understand that Nigeria is just a geographical entity and her citizens are the ones that constitute Nigeria as a nation.

Obafemi Awolowo said ” violence never settles anything right: apart from injuring your own soul, it injures the best cause. It lingers on long after the object of hate has disappeared from the scene to plague the lives of those who employed it against their foes”.

The leaders of this great country must begin to enact policies that are people oriented. A man who is hungry has the tendency to kill and destroy because his soul is injured. He lacks inner peace. Never again must we allow our people to go into creating chaos as a result of hunger and hardship in the country.

The government must key into social security because that is the only panacea to the many security challenges in the country. Our educational system must be revamped, the youths of Nigeria have the right to employment. The entire citizenry have the right to the basic necessity of life. And that we must comprimise with.

Nigerians must be guaranteed of their safety. Both the political class and the masses have the right to security of lives and property. We can not guarantee the lives of our people without providing social security for Nigerians.

Yakubu Gowon said ” We guarantee the security of lives and property of all citizens in every part of Nigeria and equality in political rights. We also guarantee the right to every Nigerian to reside and work wherever he chooses in the Federation, as equal citizens of one united country”.

We must guarantee the safety of our citizens because security does not only imply winning the war against insurgency. Security is all about providing the basic needs of our people.

Social security is the only panacea to winning the war against insecurity and bringing lasting development to Nigeria.

Prince Thomas Abi Jr.
Public Affairs Analyst/Social Commentator

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