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The current member representing Burutu in the Delta State House of Assembly, Mr Daniel Yingi may not be returning back to the chambers as one of his constituents is set to frustrate his third term agenda.

In a mail exclusively sent to SecretReporters, the constituent, Mr Charles Masah detailed the many atrocities of the lawmaker. In the letter titled ‘your third term agenda: You got this one very wrong and impossible’, he revealed how Yingi abandoned his duties and helping himself to the wealth of the office.

Below is the letter.

Sir, you know that I have tremendous respect for you and so do others. And this is principally because I once submitted and subjected myself wholeheartedly, amongst a few, to your leadership of Burutu North in the State Assemblies. You may recall also how as an insider with the help of the electorate and well meaning progressives, we all with you as principal, managed to meander our way through valleys of death and thorny paths of fears, torments and series of litigation et al that preceded your victory as a first timer of the State Assembly representing Burutu North all through the Year 2011. But like all humans, you too have your own shortcomings, no doubt.

Looking holistically at your two- time stint at the house, it became imperative to note that you have chosen( against all intents and purposes) intentionally to thread wrongly and dangerously in this thorny path you have so well managed in the past by way of your seeming pseudo styled leadership. And it is regrettable.

Sir, as much as I’ve tried containing words and self, you’ll realize I have always restrained myself and chosen years ago to look away from you and your inimical acts, but now I have no choice now but to cry out because of your spurious claims of what and where you have not and haven’t done, been nor seen as to why you deserve a third term. This new style of yours, courtesy of your various support groups and media mercenaries, all in an attempt to deceive and sway voters in your favor now that elections are close, is what informs this letter.

Consequently, it is unjust, unacceptable, illegal and ungodly and will be challenged socially, politically and legally, should there be a need because occasions, facts, pictorial and human evidence abound and at ready disposal.

For the avoidance of doubt, my submissions would be hinged on four(4) areas I consider your performance to be abysmally poor. These are:

1. Poor Representation
2. Lack of developmental (human capital, infrastructure and social) gains
3. Laissez-faire/ Economical attitude towards governance
4. Lack of regard for Constituents, to mention but a few.

Let me further expatiate

(a) Poor Representation

Sir, at the risk of sounding sentimental, you know there hasn’t been a day or days (even up till just now) that the good people of Burutu North smiled, happy at home while in front of their visual box neither up the galleria at the State House at Asaba nor by proxy, through ‘aproko (gossip) at the news of any new thing of relevant impact on their lives. And this is ridiculous. Your days in the hallowed chamber of the house, been a two- timer legislator as it concerns the business of the day is put at a quotient of less than 3mins 30 seconds ( first term) and 4mins 19secs( present term) talk time (oversight and overseas functions inclusive) respectively, of your 83months 3days stay today in the house.

Researches done by way of available facts and figures obtained shows majority of these time alluded to you was spent on unwarranted comic reliefs on the floor of the House, all in the name of jokes. Your constituents, mainly youths voted for a legislator, not a comedian. No peoples oriented, peoples friendly, developmental or national bills, just mere introductions and seconding of colleagues’ motions, not even any matter of urgent public importance. Even the Holy Bible admonished in 2nd Timothy chapters 2 verse 15 “Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needed not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth”. Simply rendered, reads thus “Study to shew thyself approved unto the people you represent, a legislator that needed not to be ashamed rightly enacting laws for the common good of his people “. At such times, one wonders why the strength and sound of your vocal cords as felt during social functions and meetings where people look up to you for laughing during supposed joke scenes suddenly vanished instead of been converted to make laws. Eight (8) years in an institution of learning is enough time at least.

(b) Lack of Developmental (human capital and social) Gains

Sir, I read on various platforms how that numerous projects and programs of the State interventionist agency (DESOPADEC), MDG and SDG were credited to you. This is fraud and a punishable offence for which I seek to press charges on with available documents and information at my disposal. Even your very constituency projects across board which are yours by law haven’t been completely done. On humans, I’d like to be shown any of your aides, boys or constituents that you have helped to join the league of landlords, land owners, business owners and even car owners. I couldn’t find or place any. You rather chose to give them peanuts. Even when profitable empowerment ideas or dreams are sold to you, it ends up been killed or converted for personal use thus killing the dreamer and such lofty dreams emotionally. So it applies, to jobs and contracts. You swindle and covet jobs and contracts drafted into budgets of agencies by contractors and leaders alike converting the choice ones to yourself, families and cronies with kickbacks of certain amounts. How many times have you sponsored any constituents on a particular endeavor within or outside the shores of this country? Even the very state sponsored trip to the Holy Land which isn’t any financial obligation of yours always goes the way of the aforementioned. It’s a shame. Facts are in public domain, visible to the blind and audible to the deaf, pls publish if am wrong.

(c)Laissez-faire/Economically rapacious Attitude of Governance

Insomuch as it’s your inalienable right to buy and sell and do business of any kind and at any place, it’s also absurd, illegal and criminal to use governmental clutches at your disposal to influence and execute only projects at outrageous sums that have direct economical benefits to you and your business alone, neither anybody nor your constituency. The road to your house at Ijaw Qtrs, Bendel Estate and the Apala road linking your hotel, both at Uvwie and Warri South respectively amongst many others under my glare which you’ve handled and ongoing are case study. This expansionist agenda of yours is unacceptable and must stop. It’s a clear case of ignorance, deviation and misrepresentation on the part of a legislator of Burutu North’s standard. I therefore implore and challenge you to publish a counter claim in any of the news platform if you think otherwise.

(d) Lack of regard for the constituents

Nobody matters to you if he or she is not a delegate that you can hoodwink to secure your primary elections with an objective of flying the party flag all because your ward is the most populated. This you achieved through intense efforts at gerrymandering. You know I know this just as you do. After the primary elections, this attitude problem of yours only allows you to relate with leaders as though they are the most important, thereby dumping the youths who helped to secure your mandate at party levels. Is it about your not picking calls of people you pip as unnecessary financial burden or the long wait at your gate or post of such people who sometimes come with their last penny yet leave stranded and disappointed or the askance look and confrontation they get when they meet you or anybody related to you? Or is it about discriminatory and pathetic comments made by family members???…cos the last time I checked, words like ‘give me suya, give me suya na Nama body oo’ and ‘fowl wey dey lay eggs dey tire too oo’ are regular words and rhetorics that are of common place even until just now, from Her Excellency, member representing Burutu North 2 in the house and others related to you during certain functions and celebrations at your behest. The list is endless.

Opinions sampled across the constituency which you represent falls below par as it concerns your performance and that in itself is a catalyst to embark on this journey of stopping your evil and criminal quest for a third term.

In the days ahead, I would be educating our people through volumes of such letters on why support for you is a waste and I can assure you also that I woke up prepared to embark on this journey even as templates for this has been well perfected. Be rest assured in no time, the tentacles of the ‘State Octopus’ would take a final stand on petitions before it. To this end, I advise you to step aside at the completion of your current tenure to allow for a more credible hand to take over. It’s more honourable that way because your role and influence as an incumbent cum leader after your exit cannot be overemphasized. Please heed to advice and avoid been disgraced out of office, make hay while the sun shines.

I remain.
Masah Charles (A concerned constituent of Burutu North and proponent for a paradigm shift).

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