Oyo State governor’s wife, Mrs. Florence Ajimobi has reacted to a story first published by Gong News and republished by The ICON with headline: Oyo Gov’s wife, Florence Ajimobi strips protocol staff naked.

In her reaction, the Oyo State first lady denied the report.

Her Statement Reads:

While such write-ups would have passed as a comedy of the century, we wish to set the record straight because of the unsuspecting public which would have been misled by this fiction written by the author. We are of no doubt that the write-up is the handiwork of distractors that find it difficult to embrace the decision of the good of the state who appreciate the peace, development and growth going on in the Pace Setter state. We will like to add that the write-up is a malicious and false story filled with fictions from the writers over imaginative brain.

From the beginning to the end of the story, it is obvious that the writer is on an agenda to destroy the person and image of the Wife of the Executive Governor of Oyo state for reasons best known to him/ her and sponsors.

From the first paragraph of the story, the writer did not hide the fact that his write-up is opinionated and is not concerned about stating the truth. This is obvious from the name calling and abusive tone of the first paragraph of the story and the blatant lies embedded throughout the story.

The concocted story started with a lie that the “First lady invited her Chief Protocol Officer, Lape Busari, a 48 years old grandmother after the election and ordered her aides to strip her naked. The first Lady annihilated woman and threatened that the story must not be read anywhere.” May we state here that the Lape Busari that worked with Oyo First Lady is not a Chief Protocol Officer neither is she a grandmother as she clocked 42 on her last birthday. The conflict of identity is a strong indication that the story by this blogger is all about fiction.

These allegations are all the lies of a synchronized plan to tarnish the image of the First lady by people who hid behind a faceless medium to perpetrate this crime

The truth is that a Mrs. Ojuolape Busari worked in the office of the Wife of the Governor as a protocol officer but was redeployed before the election as a norm in a civil service. Any civil or public servant can be posted to any ministry/parastatal/agency and Mrs. Busari’s case was not an exceptional.

She can be posted out to other ministries at any period in her career. We wish to lay emphasis on the fact that the First lady at no time had any issue with her.

In actual fact, Her Excellency had a smooth working relationship with Mrs. Busari which still exists after she was redeployed. Therefore, there was no cause for Her Excellency to eavesdrop on her conversation and we wish to reiterate that this did not happen at any point in time. To buttress the cordial between the duo, Mrs Busari was caller to visit Her Excellency to congratulate the family on their re-election. Mrs Busari is a living witness to all these assertions.

Furthermore, we want to clarify that protocol officers attached to the First Lady’s office are not direct staff of that office. They are civil servants deployed there to serve and they could be redeployed to other ministries or parastatals at any time and without reason or prior notice. The redeployment of Her Excellency’s protocol officers to other ministries therefore is part of the constant restructuring going on in the state civil service and not a reaction to any occurrence whether past or present.

Also, we want to reiterate the fact that the First lady does not maltreat any of her staff and neither does she have issues with any of them. As a matter of fact, she enjoys a warm and cordial relationship with all her staff and this is evident even to outsiders.

The Lape Busari that worked with the wife of a governor was not a grandmother and never showed herself as being partisan until after her redeployment and was never at any time a threat to the First Lady

She had been to the house of the first lady twice after the elections. On the first occasion, she was there to congratulate Her Excellency and was accosted by a friend who she had business transaction with. In order to avoid any unwanted incident, Mrs Busari was advised to come the next day with her Permanent Secretary for the issue to be resolved amicably. She came with the said PS and the issue was resolved. A poser for the writer and the generally public is that will the PS allow Mrs Busari to be stripped naked in her presence?

We found out that later that week, she had issues with some individuals two streets away from the Governor’s House and it is surprising that the person of the First Lady and her aides are being dragged into an issue they know nothing about.

To further do the bidding of his/her paymaster, the writer maligned the First lady by writing that, “she jumped into the net of the London police was arrested for being in possession of pound sterling and United states Dollars totaling N500million” adding that she “was arrested by Met police on her 52nd trip outside Nigeria within 17 months after her husband became Governor.”

The above is a clear indication that the writer has a hidden agenda aimed at giving the Governor’s family a bad image as it is in the public domain that PM News who broke the story then apologized publicly to Mrs. Ajimobi and this was published in newspapers and many blogs.

For the writer to now refer to this unfortunate mistake by a media that had publicly declared it was an error shows clearly that he has no agenda than mudslinging and to achieve his aim, he has no scruples about resorting to lies.

We categorically want to state that Mrs. Ajimobi is not a contractor. She does not take contracts from the state government. And though she is the Chairman of the SACA board which has many prominent educated people as members, she and the board do not oversee the daily running of this agency and are not in charge of its funds. SACA is run by civil servants from the state Ministry of Health.

The state Government has no reason to threaten any media practitioner and it is a blatant lie that this writer made any request for confirmation of this story from the media team of the First lady or the state government.

On a final note, may we state that Mrs. Busari herself would confess and confirm to anyone that cares to listen that Oyo first lady is her benefactor.

Source: The Icon NG

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