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When the fox with its cunny nature parades himself like the lion, then he will surely be doomed as there can only be one king in the forest. Such is the case of Dr John Adeyanju, a Chief Lecturer and S.A to the Rector, Maritime Academy of Nigeria, Oron, Akwa Ibom State, who is infamous for consistently indulging in negative and selfish vices. It has since been a habit and daily norm for Dr Adeyanju to mislead, embarrass, misinform and ridicule the Rector and the Academy through the antics of false information and allegation against vulnerable staff, sources within the institution disclosed to this medium.

Reports reaching SecretReporters indicates how Mr John Adeyanjus unethical practices have ruined the reputation of the institution. He has been alleged to have falsely accused some staff of forging minutes of a meeting so as to have his egocentric self-worthy of appraisal. This led to the unjust arrest and detention of these poor staff but unfortunately, the odds were against him as the case was ably decided in favor of the affected staff in the competent jurisdiction Federal High Court, Uyo, Akwa Ibom State. This act, however, has negatively exposed his boss, the Rector, Commodore Emmanuel Effedua to unprecedented scorn, mockery and ridicule by the general public.

A preposterous act Dr Adeyanju has virtually taken to with impunity is how he turned his office into a kitchen and his secretary to an ad hoc cook. This he does as he unethically appoints his Secretary to cook for him against her will every day thus making member staff wonder whether Dr Adeyanju does not eat in his house before coming to work. This unprofessional act has thus disrupted the staffs who share the same floor with his office as the pleasant aroma that exudes from the food fills the working environment thereby causing a distraction.

A previous report by SecretReporters revealed that allegations have been laid against Adeyanju about misappropriation of Cadets feeding money and his demand for blank receipts from the Cadets’ food Vendor resulting into a decline of nutrition for the cadets.

It is really disturbing and alarming to the staff that the super-ordinates have chosen to remain lackadaisical and turn blind eyes to the atrocities of Dr Adeyanju as he goes about bragging that he cannot be removed as the S.A because of how he is highly connected and influential within the Academy.  Dr Adeyanju in his words declared “I have tentacles like those of an octopus, spread all over the country and as such the Rector is in my pocket”. This he said with ego knowing fully well the Rector will more or less overlook these excesses.

The Management and Staff of Maritime Academy worrisomely express fear due to the silence of the management as Dr Adeyanjus apparent show of power and wealth continually disrupt the affairs of the institution. Dr Adeyanju continues to boast that he is untouchable whether CNN carries news on him, nothing can happen after all.

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