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Secret Reporters

Information available to Secret Reporters news is that there is a sexual scandal currently brewing in Delta State Polytechnic Oghara as findings reveals that the children of Dr.(Mrs). Clara Sogbaike, the Rector of the institution, have been fingered in this scandal. This scandal involves Tobi Sogbaike, a staff in the School of General Studies and Segun Sogbaike, a lecturer in School of Engineering.

We gathered authoritatively that the first son of the Rector, Tobi Sogbaike, impregnated an HND 1 student of Accounting in the Department of Accounting, and has so far taken her in as his wife to avoid the public shame, with the support of the Rector, after the girl’s parents threatened war. Few days to the semester exam, the girl gave birth in the hospital, which Tobi made arrangement for exams to be administered to her in the hospital. Lecturers were assigned to the hospital for the purpose of the exam, but our findings prove that Tobi took over and rather wrote the exams for her.

We also gathered that, the second son of the Rector, Segun Sogbaike, slept with a co-lecturer’s wife who happens to be weekend programme student . Our findings shows that, the victim’s husband is currently separated from his wife as a result of the amorous relationship committed by the Rector’s son.

The complicity of the management of Oghara Polytechnic in the scandal was their refusal to issue Tobi a query for gross misconduct neither was any form of punishment meted to him for his action. The Oghara Polytechnic management also refused to discipline Segun Sogbaike for having a public amorous affair with his colleague’s wife.

Our ongoing investigation on Oghara Polytechnic has exposed Dr.Jacobs Ighere, who is the Director of Weekend Programme, and happens to be the cousin of the Rector, Mrs.Clara, has also impregnated an HND1 student. Secret Reporters findings also shows that, this scandal has been hidden until our eagle eyed Reporter got hold on the scandal.

Mr Jacob Ighere
Mr Jacob Ighere

Dr. Jacobs Ighere has so far taken the girl as his second wife to avoid societal scandal, and was never queried or sanctioned, with the equal support of the Rector, Mrs.Clara.

When a Secret Reporters editor contacted the Rector, Mrs.Clara on her mobile globacom phone, to get her position on the report and also clarify on it, she shouted down on our Reporter, and warned him never to call her mobile phone again in his lifetime.

***to be continued in next series***

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  1. okoro blessing

    its not only them, what about tony umukoro, lugard. it has been a big problem in d school.

  2. Dr. Ighere. E J.

    It suprised me beyound words that some so called News Reporters can perpetuate errors. It goes without gainsaying that all their news are unreliable. Suffice it to say that i now have my reservation for any news reeled out by this so called Secret Reporters. I don’t want to say that that it is setting a poor standard for News media.
    I am seething with anger, not against Mr. Ovie who was fighting dirty against the rector but this so call Reporter who cannot carry out enough investigation before opening his mouth wide to pour out infamy.

    For the purpose of clarity, may i just sensitize the public that this matter has been cleared and laid to rest four years ago. Secret Reporter dwells on Stale News. Shame!
    Mr Ovie has personally apologised to me for the error in allegation.
    The girl in question was my wife, legally married and a mother of my first daughter before i brought her to come and read an HND programme in Otefe Poly. She had her ND in Ogwasi-uku Poly. Our Married Certificate as well as my daughter’s birth Certificates cleared me before the then Commissioner and State Governor.

    Errors Errors Errors. Secret Reporter Beware and do your home work before going public.

  3. You are busy bodies that have nothing to do. One someone impregnated a girl and married whats your problem with that? I do not know how you can prove that government paid lecturers will agree to go to a Hospital to administer / conduct exam, yet the didn’t conduct the said exam on the person they are supposed to have conducted the exam for and rather allowed another person to take the exam. One if it actually happened blame the lecturers and not the person.(The while scenario is childish and i can’t even comment on it)
    You said that one of the sons impregnated the wife of a man who is separated from the husband
    1 the wife has the right to sleep with anybody she deems fit legally if she is separated from the husband for up to a years. If the sleeping results in pregnancy, is it the business of the institution? Why should they meddle with private business of two adults? The right person to complain is the Husband and if he is not complaining who are you to complain?

  4. no body has an opinion when it comes to issues like brother if it is a poor mans child believe me he or she will be made to live the School , since it is re tors son no wahala,

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