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An Ex-Police constable who served with the Nigerian Police division in Illorin has been identified as one of the gruesome murderers who on April 5, 2018 at Offa in Kwara state , killed no fewer than 30 people in cold blood in what has been acclaimed to be one of the deadliest bank robbery operations carried out in Nigeria since the days of the dreaded Anini a.k.a The Law.

A source within the police ranks revealed to SecretReporters that in 2012 the suspect identified as MICHAEL ADIKWU, a recalcitrant constable serving under the Kwara State Police Command was made to face Police Orderly Room Trial for gross misconduct and subsequently dismissed from service.

Adikwu we learnt was not just a thorn in the flesh to his superiors but has always exhibited his penchant to stealing while wearing the all black uniform of the Nigerian Police as a constable then in Illorin with his many activities never for once portraying that of a diligent police officer.

His involvement in the grisly armed robbery operation now clarifies the motive and strategy employed by the bandits as their first point of call on that red day was the Offa divisional police station.

Speaking to our reporter, the source also disclosed in his opinion that the major reason why security agencies have not been successful in the CRIME FIGHT in Nigeria is simply because those saddled with the authority to investigate and fight crime within Nigeria’s border are the main criminals. He reiterated that without a total overhaul of Nigerian security apparatus, little or nothing can be done to salvage the situation as about 90 percent of Nigerian police workforce is made up of criminals, who in most cases use their training and access to classified information to carry out underground heists.

The suspect has since been arrested and taken into custody by the Kwara State Police Command and going by the law will definitely end up behind high walls as he will be charged with first-degree murder.

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