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Secret Reporters

It’s every citizen’s dream to serve their country in whatever capacity afforded and when a citizen is denied an opportunity through nepotism and lack of godfathers, it leaves a lot to be desired.

Isreal Jonathan Ponmark, with (77RRI/PI/464/0102037) serial number 158 from Langtang North had a dream of serving his country in the Nigerian Army and was part of the ongoing Nigerian Army Recruitment exercise at the Physical training ground of the Maxwell Khobe Cantonment in Rukuba Barracks, Jos, Plateau state with the exercise starting on the 9th of April, 2018 and scheduled to end today April 21st, 2018.

As with recruitment exercises, tests are conducted to select deserving recruits to join the Army and after the Physical psychology tests, names of successful candidates were called out and certified fit to appear before the board for the final phase of exercises and screening before possible recruitment.

Filled with joy and excitement, Mr Israel got to the venue of the final phase screening and the Commander of the Medical 3rd Division Hospital, who had earlier read names including that of Mr Israel yesterday brought out a fresh and concocted list which didn’t include the name of Mr Israel and four others who were obviously omitted and replaced with names of cronies, friends and relatives of people in high places.

Deserving candidates who had toiled day and night to merit a spot in the list were deleted and replaced with names who didn’t deserve a spot on the list on orders from above, a source narrated to SecretReporters

Along with four others whose names were also not included, Mr Israel was ordered outside and asked to sit on their heads. Heavy logs of wood were used to beat them and they were eventually chased out of the barracks with no explanation about their offence or why their names were not on the list after initially being included the previous day. Their send forth gift was pummeling that almost led to their death, even when their names had been replaced.

Photos showing the inhumane treatment meted out to Mr Israel and his friends are included and as at press time, Mr Israel’s back was all swollen coupled with a serious headache and his overall health condition was fast deteriorating due to the treatment he received at the hands of the Nigerian Army.

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