Friday , December 9 2022


Fejiro Oliver

Baring any change of medical pronouncement, the ailing governor of Taraba State, Danbaba Suntai may begin his function as governor from Monday, sources within the medical board has told us.
On Thursday, we gathered that the governor was in his office accompanied by a medical team of doctors of physiotherapy who are specialists in speech therapy and physio neurology,
monitoring every movement he makes and speech spoken. The governor we learnt spent two hours and fifteen minutes in Government House, but strictly under the supervision and observation of the medical officers, who thereafter declared him fit, but noted that he will still be under minor check by a Physio neurologist for three weeks.
According to a source who monitored it, the physio doctor asked him some past official duties he undertook prior to the plane crash which he recollected perfectly well. He joked with the medical team before he asked to be shown round some places; which was done. All movements and action of the governor were documented by the medical team and he was certified fit to resume duties immediately.
Mr. Suntai who had a plane crash thereafter left to Abuja to meet the President to officially inform him of his readiness to resume his duties as governor of Taraba State. Details of their meeting was not clear to us as at the time of filing in this report

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  1. The blogger of this news must be pools. have U ever heard physiotherapist certifying any body fit any where in this world. this is an abuse to jounalism

  2. that's fejiro for you.
    he's an ordained clown.

  3. Physiotherapists rehabilitate. They are professionally qualified to certify people to go back to work worldwide. This is fact not fiction. Doctors are not physios. Please be educsted on this. Thanks.

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