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The crisis currently rocking the arms scandal, since the arms committee made efforts to submit its report, has taken another twist, as the Minister of Interior, Abdulrahman Bello Dambazzau, has made persistent efforts to be excluded in the arms scandal report, when inside sources in the committee had confirmed that the Minister was also involved in the scandal.

In order to save his neck, and use a presidential fiat to exclude him from the report, Dambazzau, we gathered, had approached the President, seeking to be excluded from the report.

Our reliable Presidency source revealed that Dambazzau met the President in the Villa where he told him why his name can’t be listed among those who diverted the arms fund and should not appear before any committee. The President refused to yield, which led to a serious shouting match between the duo

He warned against the decision as he would spill the entire beans to the whole world if his name and that of his accomplices were not removed. He reminded the President that part of the money used in sponsoring his election was from the arms deal and will tell the world all he knows about the election and how it was funded. Mr Buhari was terrified and just walked out on him, added the source.

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  1. Verify your info every well before bring it to post next time. This is very childish, be mature in your analysis of notty issues bring enough evidence(s) to butteress your story pls. If truely Danbazzau sponsored the president’s campaign with the arms money why should the president not know about it in the first place? Some of you are talking not only about Danbazzau but Amechi and Chakwuku all without evidence. Be fair to people.

  2. Ordinarily I would have expected Dasuki and others to have done the same, you can’t eat your cake and have it

  3. samuel orokunle

    Let the stupid man split the fire, as long as PMB is doing what pleases Nigerians majority are with him. As long as he was not aware that the money used was stolen. Therefore let the stupid Danbaszua split all the fire in this World.

  4. Of course this is going nowhere. All APC members are Angels you know How much more a Minister in Buhari’s cabinet. Which beans can he spill? Is he gonna tell us the truth about PMB’s PTF? Election funding? NO GO AREA. Only PDP’s election funding is under probe. That’s the war against corruption, nothing more. Everything APC is clean.

  5. You have already ‘spilt the beans’ in this fake report. I assure you, Danbazau can’t address Buhari as reported by you.

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