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Places of worship all over the world are perceived as sacred and holy because it is supposed to be the citadel of morality and sanctity hence in the Nigeria society religious leaders are held in high esteem and receive the undivided loyalty of both the educated and uneducated alike. This, however, has been hijacked by societal misfits who in a bid to gain fame and power pledge allegiance to the devil by entering into hideous and unspeakable covenants thus deceiving oblivious believers who are in search of quick miracles.

One of such false prophets who gallivant in the city of Lagos leveraging on the desperation and ignorance of unsuspecting Nigerians this online news medium learnt is no other than Imoh Kyrian popularly called “Evangelist”. Hard evidence made available to SecretReporters by an active member of the mushroom church reveals that Imoh Kyrian who is the founder of The Fire Prayer Pentecostal Ministry International located at Balogun Street, Opposite Jesilo school by Transformer, Ikota First Gate, Ajah, Lagos State is a devil`s advocate who indulges in hypnotizing his members and most times drugging them in other to have carnal knowledge of them.

Our source who is a victim of the demonic prowess of this fake prophet in an audio conversation revealed to our reporter that “Daddy took me to one mountain deceiving me that he was going on an assignment, when we got there he raped and molested me many times” the victim lamented. She also alleged that each time he has a program there must be an assignment he must carry out in her body for the program to be a success. A practice which has resulted in diverse sicknesses in her that defy medical diagnosis and treatments.

Rather than proffer a reasonable solution to the ailments, the devil`s foot soldier in response took her to another mountain and raped her over and over again. The next day after a “prophetic service” the prophetic he-goat unperturbed by her condition after a “holy romance” inside the church went further to pour spittle into her mouth as the ultimate solution to the problem, an action which only worsened her predicament.

Our reporter further gathered that his victims are always vulnerable as they are constantly being pulled by an unknown spiritual force to do his bidding as that has been the case of our source who further disclosed that, “He told me that his demonic associate mandated him with an assignment and revealed to him that if he wants to have an overflow of members flocking his church, he should either sleep with a member of the church until she dies, sleep with one of his sisters until she dies or swallow three live maggots” she explained.

When our source realized that she has been the unfortunate victim of a fake prophet’s lust for power, she threatened to expose his evil deeds. However, Imoh Kyrian being overly confident that his sacrificial lamb would not dare to expose him out of fear called her bluff and told her not to bother calling anybody but rather come to the church on Friday 7th September during a vigil to publicly expose him.

When contacted by our reporter via his mobile line, Imoh Kyrian confirmed that he knew our source very well and was also aware that she is very sick but denied having any involvement in her predicament stating that according to the doctor’s report, her health deterioration was due to the fact that she is HIV positive.

Our source, who is very sick and unable to move at the time of this reportage lives in great fear of death as whoever is used as the sacrificial lamb in fulfilment of the assignment earlier revealed by Imoh Kyrian will surely end up dead. However, this was unconsciously confirmed by the fake pastor in response to our reporter when asked if he actually invited our source to the church on Friday, “I am not God, I cannot kill anyone” he responded.

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