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The embattled interim CPS to the Edo State Governor, Mr John Mayaki has fallen to the lowest of the lows by taking to Facebook to fight and met attacks on anyone who derides the way he has gone about breaking up and fighting everyone that supported Governor Obaseki during the Edo State gubernatorial election.

It would be recalled that the embattled interim was not comfortable with the interim nature of his appointment and has vowed to crush anyone or anything out of paranoia in order to be confirmed as the substantive CPS. The latest twist to the saga of his running from pillar to post, in the bid to force himself on Obaseki as his substantive Chief Press Secretary, Mr  Mayaki took to Facebook under the guise of Todd Weaver, one of his confirmed pseudonyms that his
uses to attack a post by one Mr Albert Obazee, who had called his questionable conduct and fraudulent approach in handling Edo’s government media.

See screenshots of the conversation between the interim CPS, Mr John Mayaki and Edo social media people.

It will be recalled that trouble started for the embattled CPS when monies in the sum of N13.5 million, meant for propagating the Edo government’s media activities were allegedly embezzled by the interim guy as he is now referred to. And till date, no plausible explanation or reasons have been given by him but instead, he has resorted to a dangerous fight, acting like a demented soul, damaging everyone and anyone who dare to bare an eyelid about his unscrupulous activities.
The truth is if the interim CPS called Mayaki has nothing to hide, why  would he now constitute himself into a deranged animal and making a mockery of Obaseki’s media, which had attracted negative attention constantly in the past couple of weeks?

It must be stated that the position of the CPS carries a high level of responsibility and for someone who is governor’s spokesman to carry such heavy allegations without availing the truth and furthermore, to descend into a messy Facebook fight leaves much to be desired. If truly that Governor Obaseki is not aware of the dubious and manipulative character of his interim CPS, then  those close to the governor owe it a duty to inform him of Mayaki’s shady character, so that he can make an informed decision.

There is the saying that a government is as good as the people she surrounds herself with. And the good people of Edo state are wondering that with Mayaki’s leaky roof and his desperate antics fighting everyone, and dragging a good government’s name in the mud, how much impact can he make in government communication and selling government programs and policies to the people?

The questions that remains to answered are: why has Mayaki reduced Edo’s APC media to a laughing stock, and fighting the supporters of Godwin Obaseki, who fought and stuck their neck on the line for Obaseki during the election? Why is John Mayaki seeking to destroy the several vibrant social media groups that support the Governor whilst importing those shadowy figures who either fought against Obaseki’s emergence or where no where to be found. As the good  people of Edo state are looking up to Governor Obaseki to form his cabinet, it remains to be seen whether Governor would retain this dodgy and shady interim CPS, Mayaki.

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