Saturday , October 1 2022


Secret Reporters

Revolution begins when the trampled thousands speak up against the oppressing tens. Ants can unite to kill a snake. Grasses can be twined into a rope. Today, one of the longest serving president in the world, Robert Mugabe is stepping down. Mugabe is African’s most controversial president, famous for his controversial speeches and of course his long reign. He has been Zimbabwe’s President from its independence up until now.

For a President who suppresses every opposition that threatens his position, the current revolution in the country is a most awaited. Mugabe has been overthrown by a bloodless coup headed by Chief Gen. Constantino Chiwenga

According to a source based in Zimbabwe’s capital, Harare, Secret Reporters gathered that massive arrests are ongoing. Ignatius Chombo, the Minister of Finance has been shot dead; Jonathan Moyo, the Higher Education Minister; Saviour Kasukuwere, the Local Government Minister; The Police Chief, Augustine Chihuri have all been arrested.

Patrick Zhuwawo, Mugabe’s nephew is on the run and it is speculated that he has not been seen since the twilight of the coup. Also, the trio of Walter Mzembi, the Foreign Affairs Minister; Phillip Chiyangwa, the boastful business man; Paul Chimedza, the Minister of State for Masvingo Province have not return from Zambia where they went for an official trip.

Gucci Grace, the tyrant’s extravagant wife is not in Zimbabwe at the moment. It is speculated that she could probably be in Zambia, as the means of her leaving the country has been barred.

Mugabe’s Deputy, Emerson Mnangagwa, a former Chief Spy who helped Mugabe into power, and was subsequently sacked by him, is revealed to be the new president when Mugabe will be eventually knocked out.

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