We gathered authoritatively that contrary to opinion that Patrick Ukah got the slot on a platter of gold for supporting Okowa, he paid handsomely for it.

His political godfather who’s known for giving with the left hand and taking with the right like the devil demanded for the sum of N25 million from him before nominating him for the commissioner position.

Nwaoboshi desperately wanted Ukah to be appointed commissioner for land and survey to enable him acquire lands in Delta, but the governor decided otherwise by appointing him to man the information ministry.

According to a source, “you know there was serious campaign in social media for Ukah to be commissioner for information and Oga is a man that listens to what people think. Once he knows that you are right, he will give him unlike other proud people who claim to know it all. See as you are doing like you don’t know how Ukah got his position.
Where you not part of those who started the campaign on social media? Didn’t you plead with Hilary to assist in convincing Oga to give Ukah the position?”

Whether he paid full before his name was submitted or he will complete his payment as a serving commissioner is what our source could not confirm, but we are very certain that money was the factor behind Ukah’s emergence from the stable of the man called Oracle
Nwaoboshi is currently under fire from Deltans and Nigerians for buying Guinea House at a devalued rate.

He’s known to use his followers and leaving them to languish in pains and poverty.

A case in point is the former transition council chairman, Innocent Esewise whom he used to milk Oshimili North dry. Innocent was promised the House of Assembly position but never gave him.

He was also promised a Commissioner slot but because he was broke to pay N25 million, he gave it to Ukah, with innocent getting appointment as SSA to the governor. His first Range Rover jeep in life was bought for him by same Innocent.

Nwaoboshi we can report factually bask in the euphoria of being called the richest man in his hometown, Ibusa. A case in point was when he had a little party and a certain traffic warder by name bright who was there to control traffic told him “Sir, you are the richest man in ibusa. It will take years for someone to build a house as fine as yours in this town”. Nwaoboshi quickly turned to some persons and said “did you hear him. He’s not from ibusa o and he knows I’m the richest man”, revealed our source who was present.

He turned to the man who praised him and asked him what food he wants to drink and food to eat. At the end of the party, the praise singer smiled home with $200.

One of his aides, Ken Marfa struggles to pay his children school fees while Nwaoboshi doles out money to women of easy venture, just as he used one Ojokojo who slaved for him and ended up dumping him in a 3 bedroom rented flat, feeding from hand to mouth.

Nwaoboshi we had reported still owes the lawyer who drafted the failed CCB bill for him.

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