Tuesday , October 3 2023


Saraki’s actions to his ongoing trials made me remember when I was a kid in PRIMARY SCHOOL in OSUN STATE, there is this dog living very close to the school and owned by a popular JOLLOF RICE seller (IYA SOWA) . This dog was big, ugly and scary such that no one dares touch any parts of its body.

However, there is one principle with the dog if you are taking the major route to school, you are passing through the dog lane, once you get close to it, you need to slow down your movements and raise your hands up without turning your head toward it. If your stepping provokes him and it barks or run toward your end, you still need to maintain decorum and not attempt to run lest you blame your mother for sending you to school that day.

The background to the principle of this dog is that, if you do not have Skeleton in your cupboard, you do not have reason to be afraid or run from an offense you are not a party to or intending to commit. The dog in its own wisdom simply assumed anyone who runs or walks suspiciously around him as a threat and it may turn the day red lettered for the person if the owner does not intervene on time.

Nigerians and the world are shocked again to hear of another bulldog stories cooked by the first Senate president in Africa to be DOCKED CONSECUTIVELY FOR 3 DAYS WITHIN ONE WEEK for heavy criminal charges.

An act which reduced the reputation of the 8th assembly and constituted embarrassment to kwarans and his immediate constituency.

It is now obvious that even before his sentence, Bukola could smartly picture where his end will be, he could feel the pains to move from an air conditioned Senate hall to prison camp; He could feel how the aroma of prison will look like compared to government house; He can feel the heat of LALA TO LOKE, ILE LO NBO, from SAI BUKKY to SAI KUJE or SAI KIRIKIRI , its not easy, Hence, this time around, it is not only TINUBU that is persecuting him, the stories have changed thus :

1) ” it is because i opposed to Muslim-Muslim ticket during electioneering process”
2) “it is because i became senate president”
3) ” it is because I supported Biafra and blablabla”
When a political thief is caught, he plays ethnic card, if it does not work, he plays religious cards, surely gullible supporters will play along , I don’t know if objection to Muslim – Muslim presidential ticket or becoming Senate president are among his charges in CCT. it is peak of stupidity for accused who is not ready for trial to now tell the judge to dismissed himself over baseless allegations , it should be SARAKI that should have disqualified himself from SENATE PRESIDENCY
BOLA AMHED TINUBU you are falsely accusing was also in CCT, he went there and came back clean, CCT is not a political party, it is a recognized institutions under the law, why wont you as a lawmaker respect it?

GODSWILL ORUBEBE is not a member of APC, he is today answering questions with CCT and there is no noise, ORUBEBE simply gets himself a lawyer and his case is not catching attention, he did not say his Conducts during election landed him in CCT or vice versa. He did not hire underage children to carry banners for him and disturb proceedings.
Gabriel Suswam of Benue State and Liyel Imoke of Cross river have all been to CCT and no noise of this magnitude was heard from any of them.

Its not therefore hyperbole to say Saraki is a smart criminal, his new TORTOISE play couldn’t be unconnected to the fact that he has realized his defense team are not producing anything meaningful to counter the allegations. Instead, they have resorted to comical questions to amuse the court and waste our precious time.

With about one year experience in bank, i never heard nor seen a debit/credit card that can transact without being attached to a particular active account holder. Saraki is not the first politician to be tried in such controversial arena and will not be the last, Nigerians can still remember the case of ADELABU in Ibadan court which resulted to popular yoruba slang today “PEKELE MEESI” (PECULIAR MESS), Chief ADELABU was discharge and acquitted and the judge even rubbished his accusers, why is Saraki not toeing his path and prove his innocence?

The only thing he failed to realize now is that the earlier he submits to law, the earlier he learns Buhari will not compromised the trust of Nigerians for party affairs, The earlier he knows AGABI is smartly making cool money, the better for him.
In this whole drama, the simple questions Nigerians need answers to are:

1) Did you under-declare or over-declare your assets or not?
2) Did you have foreign accounts while in public office or not?
3) Did you pay money into those accounts while you were Governor of Kwara State or not?
4) Did you continue receiving salary as a Governor after office or not?
5) Do you have offshore companies and are they financed with Kwara money?

Even if TINUBU is behind your ordeals, leave him alone and answer those questions. Anything outside that is child play and Nigerians wont play along your gimmicks.



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