Monday , November 21 2022


Following the public outcry and reports which greeted the alleged shooting of John Ndubuka, Personal Assistant to the Abia State governor’s son, Chinedu Orji on the order of Orji himself, which was first broken by National Mirror newspaper, the media house has been sued by Orji over what they described as defamation of character.

In a letter written to the media house which was obtained by and written by his lawyer, Chief Barrister C.C Nwabuko, they detailed how Orji was inundated with calls from across the globe following the report on National Mirror website that he ordered his security aide to shoot John over a minor disagreement.
They dismissed the report of the paper who called Orji a rascal, an imposter, highly temperate and pugnacious, disrespectful and a murderer. They noted that their client is a practicing Engineer and Chief Executive of many companies as well as an undisputable reputable son of Amaokwe Ugba Ibeku of Ikwuano/Umuahia clan, who is loved by his people on account of his father’s giant stride in governing the state. 
“It is most regrettable and painful for the National Mirror to throw caution to the winds by publishing and posting to the whole world a most malicious, outrageous false story which is outrightly disparaging, injurious and also calculated to lower our client with the representations to the whole world, which you know is criminally libelous and actionable in court even in the bereaved state of our client”, stated the letter.
They asked the Newspaper to retract the report within seven days as well as pay the sum of N600 million, or face the music in the court of law.

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