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Here’s the latest news you missed during the week about the 2021 Budget and its Priorities, SMEDAN’s suspicious payments to unverified contractors, Oyo State government fraud, and FMC nameless transactions.

₦37 Billion

In the last five years, Buhari spent a cool ₦37bn keeping his home in tip-top shape. So, rather than build over 1000 Primary Healthcare Centres at a rate of ₦28m, he repainted his garage. With premium paint, one might add. But perhaps this should not surprise us. It was the same Aso Villa that spent over ₦25bn on electricity/plumbing in the same period. And to top it off, 2021 allocations for this purpose stands tall at ₦11bn. Never mind all the conversations on deficits and low revenue projections.

₦2.55 billion

Dr. Dikko Umaru Radda, the director-general of Small and Medium Enterprises Development Agency of Nigeria (SMEDAN) signed cheques worth over ₦2.55 billion in the first quarter of 2020. What is more? SMEDAN made these payments while violating open contracting protocols. That’s right, all the payments were without descriptions, a move experts have since condemned for being dubious. Dataphyte also observed a string of double payments to the same companies within the same month.

₦245 Million

Makinde’s “Operation Zero Potholes” might be producing zero results, according to Oyo state indigenes. And despite a ₦245 million contract to solve this challenge, a handful of roads remain facelifted with massive potholes. Road users lament the abandoned state of their roads. Citizen involvement in governance might prove effective, expert charges.
Despite Engineer Makinde ₦5billion for road maintenance, residents of Ibadan, the state capital, bemoan the vast amount of potholes on major roads – Oremeji to Idi Obi and Ojo to Igbo Oloyin.

₦88 Million

The Federal Medical Centre Katsina disbursed ₦88 million (Exactly 88,963,531.45) in ‘nameless transactions’. Not only is this a continuing trend with federal MDAs contravening principles of Open Contracting, but it has ethical considerations for a medical health centre. Meanwhile, Katsina and the other Northern states still battle critical health situations. Not to mention the undescribed money could solve most health problems in the region.

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