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It is quite appalling to see that slavery and human trafficking is still existent in Nigeria, despite the level of globalization. Report reaching our news desk has it that Nigeria’s ambassador to Saudi Arabia, Isa Dodo is involved in a shady deal by conniving with human traffickers to ferry ladies especially young girls to Saudi Arabia.

SecretReporters sources revealed that there are agents here in Nigeria that sends these girls over to their Arabian counterparts who receive these girls in Saudi Arabia. Preceding this, the agents in Saudi Arabia send travel papers for each girls being ferried to aid their illegal migration. However, the report has it that before the girls are transferred; they are taken for medical test, which is usually carried out by one Dr. Hassan in Abuja.

In a secret phone interview, our source revealed that a two-year contract is signed by the donor agent on the basis of the girls serving as domestic workers, working 8 hours daily which is against the agreement they had with the girls before taking them out of Nigeria. “The girls end up working as slaves round the clock without any pay and depriving them access to any means of communication. They are subjected to hard labor by their subsequent owners referred to as ‘sponsors’, beaten and blocked access to their relatives, robbed off their freedom and anyone that protests is detained in Saudi Arabia local police detentions or killed”, narrated our source.

Our reliable source revealed to us that these girls are conned of ridiculous amount of money ranging from N200,000 to N300,000 with a false intention of getting them a visa to Saudi Arabia, to do menial jobs while the girls are ignorant of the hidden agenda of this so called agents. Investigation revealed that certain immigration officials in the airport are paid off the books to allow these girls clearance, without checks.

The very reliable source hinted that the girls are usually convened at Lagos or Abuja before being transported to Saudi Arabia, with their mobile phones and other belongings seized.

“They don’t allow them to sleep. Those that complain are in cell. They have seized their passport. May be you should help them inform international organization. Some were killed. Some are in detention. They must not complain. On each girls, the agent collect money for two years of agreement, but when the girls got here and the job is too much; some cry that they want to go back home. And when they call Nigeria agent, they will tell Saudi agency not to answer them, that there family should pay 500k”, the source typed hurriedly, as she must not be caught making phone calls.

“They have locked the girls inside d house. Those with madam will be locked in madam home. They don’t allow them to go out. They don’t allow them to speak to anyone. Slavery of Nigerian citizens. They will collect the cloth they bring from Nigeria and give them rags. Ordinary brush they can’t go out and buy”, the source continued.

Punishment of staying in cell awaits anyone who can’t meet the demand of the ‘madam’. The Madams we gathered, frame any of them up by lying that the girls stole their gold and in connivance with the Arabian Police, they are kept in detention. There are currently 110 girls in detention, stated the source. When asked which of the police station the girls are, our informant gave the name as “Tabuk in Saudi Arabia, Riyad and Jedda, but Tabuk is worst. They call the station Policee”.

When things fall apart between them and the madam, resulting from argument over payment, death calls.

“They paid some, some are not paid. When argument occurs, they will collect all the money and send her to detention and lie that she steals the money. They will kill some maid, drag them to the road side and put there passport there”, the source hinted in tears.

We gathered that two agents involved in these human trafficking are one Ganik, based in Abuja and Adeyeye Oshogbo at Oke Vai in Lagos State.

Shockingly, the source disclosed that the Nigerian Ambassador to Saudi Arabia, Dodo, is very much aware of this but has decided to turn deaf ears to it as he’s handsomely paid by the agents.

One of our sources, who reached out to us in a panic mood revealed that more girls have been penciled down for trafficking this weekend through the Lagos and Abuja airports. “Please don’t allow them bring in these girls to come and suffer. Let the world know what is happening here in Saudi Arabia.

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  1. I am a Christian , let me just tell you this: Isa Dodo that i know , can never do that.

  2. Everything u said concerning the girls n suffering in Saudi is very very true,but I don’t know about the ambassador,

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