…As OBJ, IBB agrees on Buhari

Fejiro Oliver

Report that All Progressive Congress (APC) supporters were responsible for the stoning of President Goodluck Jonathan convoy in Katsina during his campaign visit t the state may not be true after all, as we have unearthed the people behind the act.

A very reliable source with the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) revealed that it was the PDP who actually hired indigenes and armed them with APC symbols and brooms with instructions to pelt stones at the presidential train, all in a bid to cause serious problem. This deliberate plot by the PDP was meant to cause the Southern states to retaliate in the event that Gen. Muhammadu Buhari goes there to campaign.

And this action we gathered went with lots of money being paid to the youths to carry out the action. As expected, the notorious militant, Asari Dokubo has danced to the tune of the PDP by threatening fire and brimstones on Buhari and APC if they come into their land to campaign.

This retaliatory action is being fueled by the PDP in the hope that the general election will be postponed, stated our sources within the PDP top hierarchy. According to the source, the PDP had thought they would have a smooth sail to the presidential villa, until things began to change which has seen the rival party having upper hands in every aspect of the campaign.

Despite the peace being enjoyed in the Southern parts of the cloth, sources in the know of the PDP says that there will be chaos to be caused by the PDP thugs soon in the area to enable the government of the day have reasons to postpone the elections, and thereby re-strategise for a yet to be agreed date by them. The statement by the National Security Adviser, Dasaki, that the election should be postponed is actually the voice of Jacob speaking through him, said a source.

The PDP according to insiders are currently in quagmire over Olusegun Obasanjo criticism of the party lately, and his obvious anti party activities. This reporter was reliable informed that the PDP inner caucus had earlier agreed to ignore Obasanjo statements as ranting, but are beginning to regret that it was not managed.

“The man is hell bent on ensuring that GEJ loses and from the way things are, if the elections are held in February, we will definitely lose. If we lose honestly heads will roll”, confessed the PDP top shot.

According to him, OBJ has already teamed up with Ibrahim Badamosi Babangida to make sure that Buhari emerges as the next President for only just four years after which he will hand over power to a man that can continue the change train.

“We need to support GMB, let him rule for 4 years; let him sanitize the mess. All those who have stolen money would be made to return some of the stolen money and that would help in the building of the country”, OBJ was stated to have told IBB during one of their meetings, revealed our source.

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