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…Owe Pan African Women Summit N81 Million

Fejiro Oliver

Alhaji Aliyu Mustapha addressing the women in an undisclosed location for a bogus press conference with illegal use of the summit name
Nigeria Ambassador to the US, Mr. Adebowale Adefuye who is known
for many dirty scandals has gotten himself into more shady deals and fraudulent
involvement, alongside some agencies of the Federal Government of Nigeria.
According to a source who revealed to us on how the Adefuye and his wife,
Catherine Adefuye hijacked the 2010 Pan Africa women Leaders Summit, held in
Washington DC for Nigerian women leaders, and decided to go on disruption
and circumvention mission of the women for women event, hosted by the Pan
African Women leaders Networks (a USA based women organization) meant to
promote leadership and relationship between Nigerian women and her
American and international counterparts.

During the said event the Nigeria Ambassador lied to the
international community in attendance of the well coordinated event. According to information available to us, the women leaders extended
invitation to diplomatic missions, which also included the Nigerian Embassy,
out of courtesy and strictly for the purpose of invitation Unfortunately, the Ambassador deceived the organizers and took
over the process of hosting the women’s event haven suddenly warmed up to the
summit organizers, after downplaying several invitations to the event, and
following the confirmation of attendance by the Nigeria women leaders to the
Pan Awls Washington DC  women Summit. This ambassador also
initiated meeting with the summit organizers courtesy of phone call with a
special request to meet with Mrs. Carol Olubufunmi, the event chair organizer.
This latest gesture we gathered was a shock to the organizers considering
that this same office of the Ambassador had ignored and failed to acknowledge
receipt of several calls and letters of invitation to the summit, earlier
sent to Adefuye’s office, months before the surprise call which came barely a
week to the start of the event.
 As a respect to the office of the ambassador, a 7 member
Pan African women leadership summit organizing team met with him in his office
at the embassy, during our first meeting with Adefuye, the ambassador did not
hide the fact that he was intimidated and undermine by the summit,
when he expressed his surprise at the clout of personalities including the
roll call of the US and Nigerian women leaders who were invited
and confirmed attendance to the women summit. He also said he was
interested in bringing in the embassy to be partners with the summit since we
have taken up the responsibility of the embassy, at this point the ambassador
was corrected by Mrs. Olubufunmi, that the summit was the private sector
contribution in promoting bilateral relationship between African women and her
US counterparts.  He then told the organizers that his wife Cathrine
Adesola Adefuye will be the chief hostess for the women of the Nigerian women
Oblivious of Adefuye’s circumventing mission the
organizers accepted Adefuye’s request to collaborate and host
one of the programs at the DC Nigerian embassy, which he tagged
‘Ambassador Reception’. It was a strategic partnership with the embassy in
accordance of the summit policy the event goal of (accountability,
transparency, good leadership and democracy} and the organizers never
solicited nor requested for financial contribution from the embassy since
participants were required to make payment for summit attendants, with the
exception of the event guest of honor in the person of Hajia Amina Sambo, wife
of Nigeria Vice President, who was a rep of Dame Patience Jonathan.  After
the meeting, the ambassador introduced an embassy officer, in the person of
Sule Ahmed to the summit organizers and were told he
would represent the embassy and liaise with organizers for a hitch free
participation of the Nigerian women. 
Sule was instructed to work and liaise with the organizers. On
the same token he advised the organizers from further preparation for the arrival
of the delegates  and in his words “who  might not turn up and
if they turn up might be fewer than indicated”. He was thanked for his
unsolicited advice and immediately obliged him with a copy of the four days
program with an assurance that preparation was already finalized, At this point
the ambassador insisted on being included in the program to enable him host the
delegates at the embassy with emphases that his wife should be named the chief
hostess of the event we then promised to alter the final program to accommodate
his request.
Sule Ahmed swung into action by scheduling a meeting which
included the wife of the Ambassador in the ambassador’s residence. According to
Sule Ahmed the scheduled meeting with Mrs. Adefuye was for a formal
meeting between her and Mrs. Olubufunmi and enable her have a better
understanding on how to participate and host the Nigerian delegates during the
Summit. Mrs Olubufunmi in company of a VP committee member met with the wife of
the Ambassador at her residence courtesy of transportation by the embassy.
Prior to the meeting between Mrs Adefuye and Mrs Olubufunmi team
the ambassador’s wife  requested to immediately accompany the organizers
on a familiarization tour to the Summits scheduled venues, Unknown to the 
summit organizers that  Mrs Adefuye was on an understudy mission of the
summit program in anticipation to carry out the 
sinister moves of the embassy. The organizers accepted Mrs Adefuye’s
request and the trio of Mrs Adefuye Olubufunmi and Ms Warlton all rode together
in a ride provided by the embassy to some schedule venues except the US
capitol.  Mrs Adefuye’s discussion during the ride was also in tune with
that of her husband, she also volunteered her own information and
unsolicited advice this time with some level of pressure.
At the Ronald Reagan Federal building which was the venue for
the summit conference, she was surprised at the capital invested in 
preparation for the summit. While at the hotel accommodation place which we
house the guests, the source noted that they 
were told of Nigeria officials porous reputation of evading payments and
indebtedness to  US hotels and that they are actually on the DC hotels
watch list for fleeing hotels with huge bills, with emphases on President
Jonathan’s entourage in his 2010 official visit .
On the night of the arrival of the Nigerian delegates, A male in
the person of one  Alhaji Aliyu Mustapha was brought in to the hotel by
the embassy for a meeting and introduction to Hajia Amina Sambo,  who was head of delegate  and it was later discovered
that  Aliyu Mustapha is a Washington DC metro  based person and
one of the regulars of the embassy with  the summit program, and in a
sharp move, quickly went into business and put up a parallel event to women
summit  in cooperation with Sule Ahmed, a supposedly protocol officer with
the embassy. While the Alhaji was meeting with Mrs Sambo, the other ladies in
her entourage were having a run around at the hotel lobby for non-payment for
accommodation, these women were at the hotel lobby till the wee hours of the
morning and were eventually checked in after a reluctant 
payment  for three  nights by Mrs
Sambo’s protocol staff, blaming the organizers for not standing as guarantors
for the groups inability to make payment, we had no choice but to follow the
embassy’s advice to the organizers. Ahaji Mustapha became a regular visitor to
the head of the Nigeria delegates, while the organizers were deprived access to
the Vice President’s wife.

At the opening section of the event as the ceremony was going on, unknown to
organizers, Mr. Adefuye who is known as the scamming Ambassador in US,
stationed his cronies at the gate to turn back would be attendees for coming
late, while  his wife totally took
over the event under the guise of ambassadorial duties to Nigerian VIP’S, while
the ambassador in a manner synonymous with that of an area boy physically
disrupted the event and took over the microphone from the MC making
announcement of  changes of summit programs and venues to the
embarrassment of all international women at the ceremony. 
Unknown to the organizers that event program collected earlier
by Amb. Adefuye was given to Sule Ahmed for the circumvention event carried out
by the said Alhaji Mustapha. Following the drama , Sule Ahmed made a
late night phone call to  the summit organizers, that he was instructed by
the ambassador to cancel further participation of the Nigeria women in
subsequent programs, because they were not capable of attending all the
networking programs and that Hajia Sambo had no prepared speech for a meeting
with the congress women.
In an ironical twist, the women leaders who have been written
off by the Ambassador of being unable to host an event that would host VIP, contacted
the Pan African Women Leaders Summit a few days later after the end of the
event with a suggestion for similar event that would have the full collaboration
of the Nigeria embassy, but the organizers would accept that on
condition of receipt of payment for the fraudulent activities of the embassy
championed by Amb. Adefuye including the Nigerian government officials
and wives of Nigerian officials.  Till date the circumvention group
led by Ambassador and participants are indebted to the Pan Awls in the amount
of the sum of N81 Million which is above $528,000

Demands for payments from the Nigerian Government through phone
calls and letters has met with several threats and accusations  by government agencies including EFCC, and
the attorney General of Nigeria.
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