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The Delta Central Senatorial bye-election which held
yesterday, amidst massive rigging and intimidation of voters by agents and
supporters of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP), the Democratic People’s
Party (DPP) has called for the outright cancellation of the election.
The party who made the declaration through a press
briefing by its senatorial candidate, Chief Ede Dafinone, noted that the
election which held on October 12th, 2013 was a complete sham, as
the scale of impunity, assault, molestation and violence by the PDP, thugs,
cultists and the security agents was just unimaginable.

The DPP expressed
concern that with this development, the democratic process in Nigeria is in

The DPP Chieftain, Ede stated that what happened on
the Election Day is a confirmation that the PDP will foist itself on Nigerians,
using the apparatus of the security agencies. He noted that their supporters
were openly shot at, maimed and battered by men who were supposed to be
guarding the electorates and the polling booths. According to the senatorial
candidate, INEC officials and NYSC ad hoc personnel bluntly refused to go out
to conduct the elections in several places; the government through the help of
security agents decided the outcome of the results in a clearly premeditated
“Because security personnel’s openly flogged and beat
up our agents and supporters everywhere without justification, we are able to
say that violent bias was used as a tool to coerce our supporters to abandon
polling stations. Because in various communities, security personnel watched,
allowed, participated in and supervised the hijacking of ballot boxes and other
election materials by PDP thugs and government officials, we are also able to
say that the so-called election was rigged with clear government approval”, the
party stated.
The DPP while acknowledging that there are no perfect
election systems everywhere however disagreed with the senatorial election,
saying that what they saw a resort to brute force to suppress the will of the
people of the Delta Central. “We did not lose an election. There has to be an
election before we talked about winners and losers”, Ede posited.
He faulted the election which declared Edesiri
Aguariawvodo as the winner as a naked criminality and imposition of a candidate
on the people against their will. “Therefore we reject whatever result
announced by INEC as it is not a true reflection of the democratic will of our
people. We call for an outright cancellation of the said election and any fake
result arising from same”, he stated. When asked if they will seek redress in
the court of law, the DPP noted that such actions may arise,
                                          Fake NYSC member who turned out to be a PDP agent
Meanwhile, the Delta State Chairman of the Labour
Party, Comrade Emeka Nkwola has followed the trail of the DPP, calling for the cancellation
of the election and the results declared. He expressed fears that with the
outcome of the Delta Central Senatorial election, the prophecy that Nigeria
will cease to exist as a nation in 2015 may just come to pass as INEC and
soldiers who aided in the rigging are already dancing to the tune of the
“We will not accept any of it. We have written a
petition already and we are following it. We pay the soldiers from the tax
payers’ money and they must not use the guns we buy for them against the people”
avowed Emeka.
He dismissed the situation where the umbrella body of
the Urhobos, the Urhobo Progressive Union (UPU) will call them to a round table
to talk them out of taking any legal action, noting that the UPU is not a
party, neither do they contest in elections; hence they cannot tell them what to do.

We had earlier reported firsthand experience of the
rigging that took place in the various polling units across the eight local governments.

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