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A viral video which is currently been circulated on social media, has shown that Imoh Isaiah Williams who is the Chairman of Abak local government, Akwa Ibom State may be a political hooligan and a misfit who should have no business in the governance of the Anaang people of Abak local government area but is only qualified to be a street urchin.

The video which showed the callous chairman’s aide placing his leg on the head of an artisan who was mercilessly been flogged by another of his goons for calling him out on Facebook for refusing to pay him his entitlements of N75,000 which was long overdue having done a decoration for him during one of his campaigns in the 2019 general elections.

The artisan who revealed that the Chairman blatantly refused to pay him the said amount as well as repeatedly declined taking his calls resorted to calling him out on social media demanding that he pays him his money.

Offended by the posts made by the young man on Facebook, it was gathered that the aides of the Chairman who according to reports are made up of touts and street urchins allegedly deceived the young man via a phone call asking him to come and pick his money at the chairman’s house.

However, the young man who was ignorant of the fact that he was been led into a trap immediately rushed to the chairman’s house to collect his money only to be welcomed by belt whips and beatings.

“So you have the guts to insult oga abi, don’t you know insulting him is also insulting the people of Abak? Who sent you? Will you go and delete the post now?” said an aide who was seen flogging the young man with a belt.

Following the expose of the inhumane treatment meted on the young man, it was reported that the chairman immediately relieved the aide of his appointment while denying his involvement in his actions.

However, information made available to SecretReporters revealed that the chairman who is known for speaking from both sides of his mouth did not relieve the aide of his appointment as the public was made to believe but rather asked him to stay away from him for a while until the dust settles while his salary remains intact.

The Governor, Mr Udom Emmanuel has called on the State House of Assembly to investigate the issue.

It would be recalled that Imoh Williams was given the Local Government Chairmen Merit Award on September 20th, 2018 as one of the best performing Local Government Chairmen in Nigeria in 2018.

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