Friday , November 18 2022


Secret Reporters

The sole responsibility of the government at various levels has in recent times been abandoned and placed on low priority in different constituencies especially by unrepentant legislators who are better positioned to perform oversight functions on the nomination and execution of projects supposedly to improve the lives and living conditions of constituents.

A typical example of such callous lawmaker is non-other than the Senator representing Ekiti North Senatorial District, Duro Faseyi, whose constituency or Zonal intervention projects supposedly geared towards improving the lives of her citizens has over the years proved to be a mirage as his constituents have continued to wail over the poor state of Health Centres in the area especially the ‘death centre’  located in Illudun community.

SecretReporters gathered that the Health Centre is allegedly characterized by dilapidated structures as well as non-functional health facilities which have in several ways increased the mortality rate in the community and has overtime compelled residents in the constituency to visit other health centres located far away when they are faced with health challenges.

Findings revealed that despite the fact that the dilapidated Health Centre is located directly opposite the residential mansion of the flamboyant lawmaker who allegedly feigns blindness when driving through the small roadway leading to his house and the health facility in his usual tinted glass police convoys, and over N1, 000, 000, 000 (One Billion Naira) allegedly allocated since 2015 for Federal Constituency Projects in  Ekiti North Senatorial district, this online news medium gathered that the Health Centre has not experienced any visible development in terms of infrastructure, maintenance or drugs thus leaving the Centre in a comatose.

Critics in the constituency opined that the loss of Duro Faseyi at the just concluded presidential/ House of Representatives and Senatorial elections about two weeks ago was well deserved as he has not been able to use his office to attract visible development to the area despite huge allocations it has received over time.

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  1. he could have the Senator’s house, and the dilapidated hospital to confirm his report

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