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“Nigeria’s economic blueprint does not address the needs of her citizens”

And with the above statement, President Muhammadu Buhari’s three years in office and economic policy was crashed, brought to a zero level by the world richest man.

As expected, the cow supporters of Buhari went frenzy, challenging how a dropout like Bill Gates can question their governance style of their hero, their god who has put Nigeria back to the stone era.

Buhari is too religious for me to believe that he’s into diabolic matters; else I would have concluded that he tied the brains of some Nigerians inside a bottle and threw it in River Daura, to make them think like his cows.

Because Bill has criticized their Alpha and Omega, they suddenly realize that he’s a bloody dropout. If I’m opportune to be given a choice to be a dropout of Harvard University to follow my dream and a three first degree certificates from three Nigerian top universities, I will chose to be a Harvard dropout. Watch me become the Deputy Governor of CBN with just the tag of Harvard dropout.

Yet, a man who was able to grow Microsoft to become the richest man for years unchallenged is now tagged as someone who does not have an idea of economy. Bill Gates net worth is more than Nigeria’s total budget for four years.

In a sane society, Gov. Rochas Okorocha should be molding a status for Bill Gates for telling Buhari the truth he hates to hear.

Buhari is not near Bill Gate in education and exposure, not close to him in terms of managing people and policies and will never be close to the kind of influence he wields all over the world.

While I know that there are some intelligent Buhari supporters, there are more cows among them, whose brains were removed the moment they joined the Sai Buhari troop.

Cry to heavens, but Bill Gate just gave the Western verdict on Buhari’s government and 2019 will bear the fruits.

Random Musing by F.O (God’s Pen of Morality)


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