Aboo Sayyied Faseel

Despite myself not being a loyal party man(I belong to no party and I belong to any party whose candidate is credible and have the masses interest at heart) , I have supported PMB before, during and after the last March’s elections and his subsequent victory and I know of many other youths who did the same, many of us vouched for him solely based on his past antecedents of being highly disciplined and incorruptible man of integrity with strong commitment to rule of law and nation building.

On that basis, I think it will be hypocritical of us not to ask the President these pertinent questions nearly six months after his inauguration and with the country’s status quo remaining the same if not worst.

During the last electioneering campaigns, the APC and Mr President have done well in letting Nigerians know indepthly of their plans to move the country forward, but all that we are witnessing now are mere talks, oversees travels, photo sessions and no actual action talk less of results. The question here is how long would it take for the implementation to take effect?

Our main area of concern is that of youth involvement in governance, which is the current trend in all developed and developing nations, as the youths population of any country serve as the backbone of growth and development of that country, by providing new ideas, strategies, vigor and enthusiasm to move that country forward. But in our Nigerian setup reverse is the case, our youthful population is being continuously sidelined, ignored and marginalised, while the people of yesteryears are being regurgitated and recycled to handle the affairs of the country and even those that exclusively have to do with the youth. The question here is, what went wrong?

Mr President is well aware of the unhealthy rate of youth unemployment in the country and its resulting adverse effects on all aspects of our life as a nation, being it economic, security etc. Yet since his assumption to office there’s little or no hope that the trend is coming to an end.
The question here is, what is the government doing to address this issue?

Another dangerous trend that is creeping up with the new government is the issue of late payments of civil servants salaries which has become a characteristic of the PMB’s administration despite majority of the Federations ministries and parastatals already being on the electronic payment system otherwise known as the IPPIS, surprisingly today is the 1st of November, but October’s salary is yet to be paid, this has been the trend for the past six months, the civil servants are already beginning to get frustrated, furious, impatient and agitated with this untoward development.
The question here is how long will this go on?

The most worrying issue of insecurity all over the country is still yet to be properly addressed and the promise of bringing an to the insurgency in the northeast by December is far from being actualized.
The question here is what measures are in place to ensure the realization of the December deadline?

Lastly Mr Presidents penchant desire for oversees travel should be at least limited to the most vital outings that are meant to foster the actualization of the new Nigerian dream as outlined in the APC’s manifesto, because no matter how lean the presidential entourage is considerable amount of state resources is being utilize to finance such outings.
The question here is Mr President why not invite other world leaders here in order to showcase Nigeria’s potential to them?

Mr President sir, I still foresaw light at the end of the tunnel and still have enormous confidence in your ability to steer the wheels of this country to the promise land, but your Excellency sir I think now is the best time to stop talking and start working, there’s a huge mountain of expectations for you to climb, may Allah SWT make it easy for you and the rest of your entourage. Ameen.

Aboo Sayyied Faseel

Mortgage Area, Gusau Zamfara State

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