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As Killings, Bloodbaths Worsen In Nigeria, Ministry of Defence Raises Budget For Parties, Celebrations By Over 90%

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The Ministry of Defence, obviously saddled with security responsibilities, has, by its actions, demonstrated that ‘celebrations’ will be an integral part of the ministry’s schedule in the coming year.

This is coming in the midst of ongoing security challenges, especially the bloodbaths rocking Nigeria and threatening its continued oneness and existence.

SecretsReporters gathered from the 2024 appropriation bill that despite the pressing need for resources to address the country’s security concerns, the Ministry has raised its celebratory budget by over a staggering 90%.

According to the budget details, the Ministry of Defence Headquarters will spend one hundred and eighty-five million Naira (N185,000,000) on “anniversaries/celebrations” in 2024.

Findings by this online media revealed that since the inception of the Ministry, the 2024 budget will be the first time the ministry will be spending such a humongous amount on celebrations.

This online media gathered that in the previous year’s appropriation bill, 2023, the sum of N95,000,000 was budgeted and spent for the same anniversaries and celebrations by the Ministry of Defence.

Going by this revelation, it can easily be deduced that the ministry raised the budget by over 90%.

It is germane to state that the Ministry of Defence in Nigeria is saddled with the responsibility of providing administrative and support services, timely and effectively, to enable the Armed Forces of the Federal Republic of Nigeria to build and maintain a modern, compact, strong, professional, mission-capable and mission-ready Armed Forces, for the defence of the country.

Sadly, Nigeria has continued to grapple with complex security issues ranging from bloodbaths, terrorism, banditry, and communal violence, straining the nation’s stability and prosperity.

Just recently, nearly 200 people were killed on Christmas Eve in Plateau State. According to government officials and humanitarian groups, suspected Nigerian Fulani militias attacked 21 Christian villages in the Bokkos, Barkin Ladi, and Mangu counties of Plateau State on Christmas Eve, killing nearly 200 villagers.

Plateau State Commissioner of Information and Communication Musa Ashoms reported 195 people were killed during the Christmas Eve attacks, and villagers were still missing. He told communities to defend themselves and take up arms as needed.

Amnesty International Nigeria reported 194 people killed in Plateau State, including 148 in Bokkos, 27 in Barkin Ladi, and 19 in Mangu. The Nigerian Red Cross reported 161 deaths and 32,604 people affected.

It was gathered that the attack touched 84 communities in Bokkos and Barkin Ladi and left 29,350 people displaced. In addition, 301 people were injured and 27 houses burned.

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