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Fejiro Oliver

“We know Goodluck Jonathan, we know Ifeanyi Okowa, any other person we don’t know”, and with these words, the Ovie of Ozoro kingdom finally nailed the ambitious Ovedje Ogboru of the Labor Party and Otega Emerhor of the All Progressive Congress (APC) who had earlier believed that by picking their various deputies from the highly populated Isoko Nation; they will be able to get their votes.

The message was said to the Ifeanyi Okowa campaign train that left Asaba at exactly 8:25am (Nigerian Time) in Ozoro when the team paid the palace a visit to intimate them of their plans to campaign to their subjects.

Excited with Okowa, the king who must have been heavenly linked with the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) guber candidate, Okowa, sang one of the Senator’s favorite song, ‘Father, to you be all the glory’. Already at home with the candidature of the grassroot political general, he addressed him as “Your Excellency” describing him as Godsent in this political era. Promising to deliver Okowa during the February 28th guber race, the entire kingdom stated, “Silver and Gold we have none, but our votes we give unto you”

Earlier in the speech, the people of Ozoro gave Okowa a name called, ‘Oghenesive’, meaning Godsent. Delighted Okowa in his reply expressed his pleasure at the way he was received and told all who care to know that he has blood link with the Isoko people. He stated that “By this name given to me today and my long association with the Isokos, I can now comfortably say that I am now an Isoko man. From henceforth, I agree to be called Ifeanyi Oghenesive Ogheneganre Arthur Okowa”.

He promised to develop the rural areas of Isoko North and integrate them into the urban areas. He promised to generate revenues not by taxation of the poor who form the majority of the people but by making sure that rich men like himself who dodge tax payments are meant to pay the proper tax. Moving to the campaign ground, the Charismatic Senator went round the field to greet the supporters.

The campaign moved to Isoko South where the Omogha I of Odiologbo of Oleh Kingdom, HRM A.W,O Orawah received them in his palace. Speaking to the King, Okowa stated that the people of Delta can only be truly united if the traditional rulers unite the people, and promised to work with royal fathers if elected as governor.

“We will do things that will make you proud of us. We will take Oleh town to a new step. I am the only one with the relevant experience to govern the state”, he told all the kings and chiefs present.

Responding, the King explained that they have all endorsed Okowa long before he came as the ordained one, but the key to open the door is the permanent voters’ card, which he urge his subjects to get in order to vote for Okowa.

Praying for Okowa in the Isoko language, he affirmed the words of the Ozoro King, saying “Our Governor, Dr Ifeanyi Okowa come May 29th, when Isoko says yes to a person, they don’t go back to say No. The alligator pepper is not shared by two persons (meaning that only Okowa has been blessed by the Isokos and they cannot anoint another aspirant”. 

Straight to the Oleh Township Stadium where thousands of supporters gathered, Okowa was overwhelmed by the show of love as he held the microphone to speak at exactly 2:48pm and thanked them for their support, promising to lead them well and give them their rightful place if elected, and like a priest, he blessed and then began to dance to a song playing.

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