Monday , December 4 2023


The need for privatization of the hospitals in Nigeria may just be coming to fore as the Chief Medical Director (CMD) of Trauma Hospital in Ondo State turned the health centre to his private place when he arbitrarily chased away two Nurses from their official duties, while taking care of their patient in the dead hours of the night.

According to a source, the CMD, Mr Oluwole Ige came into the ward and asked one of the Nurses in the female ward to produce a patient on a particular bed where no patient was obviously not admitted. The female Nurse we gathered explained to him that the bed was empty as no patient was admitted on it. Oluwole who was ready for trouble asked again why another patient has not been transferred to a water bed, to which the Nurse replied that there was no water hose provided to fill the bed
The source however noted that “earlier, the Nurses had been told to fill the bed with bottle water and the decline that it is not there duty to fill such with bottle water”. This explanation was made to the CMD who got angry and told the security to chase the female Nurse out of the hospital environment at 11pm, leaving alone her Co-Nurse who was pregnant.
The chase Nurse told the CMD that she cannot leave the hospital since she had a duty to care for her patient that night, beside it was already late. The CMD thereafter placed a call to policemen to come and chase her out of the premises. Another male Nurse who came to plead for her colleague was also chased out of the hospital. They called their Head of Department, Head of Nursing Service and their association Chairman, who called the CMD but he refused to answer their calls.
Our multiple sources stated that the CMD is in the habit of chasing away staff from the hospital on flimsy reasons, affirming always that he is the head and can do anything. He also abhors seeing the staffs pregnant and does not allow them bring their kids to the work place. Against all medical, he forces single qualified Nurses to work in the theatre without allowances and when they complain, he threatens to sack them.
The hospital environment is already on fire as we gathered that the various unions are ready to have a show down with the CMD who ordered policemen to chase away the NANNM officials who came to settle the imbroglio.

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